Performance Evaluations & Job Descriptions

UC San Diego Health System uses an electronic system (“Lawson”) to house our job descriptions and to track performance evaluations. The system can be accessed by clicking below.

Lawson Instructions

Please refer to the Lawson Quick Links to guide you through the Lawson Performance Management System.

If you need additional assistance please contact the Lawson help desk at: 619-543-7515.

Job Descriptions

When an employee receives their departmental orientation their supervisor should go over their job description with them. It is important that an employee knows and understands their job description.

It is also important that an employee “acknowledges” their job description. This is essentially an electronic signature. This needs to be done every time there is a change to an employee's job description (new hire, transfer, promotion, reclassification, etc).

Performance Evaluations

The Lawson system is also used to track performance evaluations. At the time of a performance evaluation you and your supervisor will go over your performance evaluation ratings based on the job standards listed in your job description. Once the meeting with your supervisor is complete, you will need to login to the Lawson system and review and acknowledge your performance evaluation. This is the electronic version of your signature.