Through policies, procedures, and programs, UCSD and UC San Diego Health System strive to create a workplace environment in which employees with many differences communicate and work together effectively.

Diversity is a characteristic of organizations whose employees have many differences in areas that include but are not limited to race, gender, culture, language, national origin, religion, age, abilities, and sexual orientation.

The relationships among UC San Diego Health System staff serve as the Health System’s most important resource to promote and sustain diversity. UC San Diego Health System encourages employees to:

  • Promote inclusiveness
  • Value differences
  • Avoid actions or behaviors that offend, demean, or exclude

During the last 10 years, the Health System’s workforce has become steadily more diverse, just as the community around us has become more diverse. The Health System’s Core Values and Caring Standards provide a framework of values that support diversity..

Dr. Sandra Daley, Associate Chancellor, is the chief diversity officer at UC SAN DIEGO. However, all department heads, supervisors and managers also have responsibility for diversity at the Health System..

One of the many staff organizations promoting diversity is the Diversity Staff Association at UC San Diego Health System.

Diversity Staff Association (DSA) The focus is to educate and bring diverse people together for the purpose of promoting acceptance, tolerance, understanding, and tearing down barriers..

Patricia Atanoa, Chair, 619-543-3380, patanoa@ucsd.edu
Carol Sedlacek, Co-Chair, 619-543-5763, csedlacek@ucsd.edu
Anita Galeos, Treasurer, 619-543-6613, agaleos@ucsd.edu
Anita Ihasz, Secretary, 619-543-5609, aihasz@ucsd.edu

Campus Climate

Information about ongoing efforts to enrich the diversity of our community.