Ergonomics Resources

UC San Diego Health System is committed to assisting employees prevent or lessen the effects of repetitive motion and musculoskeletal injuries. Our goal is to reduce injuries by educating employees and supervisors about ergonomic principles to make work tasks and the work environment more comfortable, efficient and productive. It is required by law (California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 5110) that employers and supervisors be made aware of the following resources:

Office Ergonomic Class

Through participatory training methods, you will learn practical approaches for reducing problems associated with repetitive motions. Ergonomic risk factors associated with prolonged computer use, working in awkward positions and workstation design will be discussed and alternative ways and methods will be presented during class. An Inservice for your department on this topic can be arranged by contacting the Ergonomics Coordinator at 619-471-0372.

Back Safety Class

Customized back safety training classes for departments can be arranged by contacting the Ergonomics Coordinator at 619-471-0372. Proper lifting techniques and other helpful information will be presented.

Ergonomic Evaluation

A comprehensive evaluation of an employee's workstation, work process and work posture can be completed by trained specialists. Having an evaluation may significantly benefit an employee by introducing alternative work methods, lifestyle changes, and work area design improvements that may reduce the potential for injury. A workstation evaluation may be requested (no charge to the department) by contacting 619-471-0372.

Employees in the CUE Bargaining Unit

According to Article 8B, Section 6, any employee in the CUE bargaining unit who spends 60% or more of her/his time on the computer must have a workstation evaluation within 90 days of hire or change of workstation. Contact 619-471-0372 to request an evaluation.

Policies & Publications

The UC San Diego Health System Ergonomics Program has been made a Medical Center Policy and can be found in the Safety Manual, Tab 80 (General Safety). Each work area should have a copy of "A Back Injury Prevention Guide for Health Care Providers" from Cal/OSHA and "Healthy Choices for Computer Users" from Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S). Also available are videos, exercises sheets, and training guides. If your department does not have these materials available, please call 619-471-0372.

Please access a variety of excellent, practical ergonomic information under "Campus Ergonomics."

You may also contact the Ergonomic Coordinator at 619-471-0372