Employee and Labor Relations

Employee and Labor Relations provides comprehensive professional services in the areas of Employee Relations and Labor Relations to individual employees, supervisors, and managers.

Employee Relations

Employee relations involves employee and supervisor/manager relationships.

Employee Relations Services:

  • Consulting services, advice, and referrals in human resources to employees, supervisors, and managers;
  • Assistance with policy and contract interpretation;
  • Assistance with workplace investigations;
  • Informal conflict resolution – including mediation and facilitation;
  • Training associated with employee relations issues;
  • Organizational development programs and referrals.

Labor Relations

Labor Relations involves the relationship between the employer and the union.

Labor Relations Services:

  • Collective bargaining;
  • Contract administration;
  • Grievance handling;
  • Labor management meetings;
  • Responding to union requests for information;
  • Formal responses to PERB involving unfair practice charge;
  • Unit modifications;
  • Representation petitions.