Return to Work Program

UC San Diego Health System provides transitional return to work (TRTW) assignments for industrially injured (those on workers’ compensation), eligible employees who are temporarily unable to perform their regular job duties. TRTW assignments may last up to 90 days.

What’s the purpose of transitional work?

The goal is to aid the employee transition from having restrictions to a return to full duty. Injured employees who remain at work recover faster, in general, than those who remain at home. The organization continues to receive the benefit of the skills and experience of a trained worker and the employee’s pay and benefits are not interrupted. It is a demonstration of the value we place on our staff.

Who’s eligible?

An eligible employee is one who has a workers’ compensation claim and who has temporary work restrictions due to the injury or illness. The employee’s medical condition should be improving over the TRTW period.

What constitutes transitional work?

Transitional work can be but is not necessarily a modification of the employee’s regular job. The assignment may be any task(s) within the work restrictions needed by the department. The employee will be paid at their usual rate of pay during the transitional work period.

What if I don’t have any suitable work?

If the employee’s home department is not able to provide work within the restrictions provided by the physician they can be placed, temporarily, in another department that can provide suitable work. However the employee will be paid by the home department.

How do I get the TRTW started?

It’s the employee’s responsibility to provide the supervisor with work restrictions from the physician after each physician visit. The supervisor will work with the employee to determine what tasks are feasible. The supervisor will notify the employee when to report to work. When the employee starts transitional work, they will meet with the supervisor and obtain a specific list of the tasks in the transitional assignment.

The restrictions, tasks assigned and related information will be documented on the TRTW Agreement and faxed to the TRTW Assistant at 619-471-9332/19332.

What if the employee calls in "sick" due to the injury?

If you have work available within the work restrictions and the employee calls in sick or does not work the entire shift due to the effects of the injury, they must contact the physician and obtain documentation indicating they are not medically able to work. If not, the time off will be counted as sick time.

What if problems arise?

If you have any questions or concerns about this process, the employee’s work restrictions, the transitional assignment or related, please call Linda Morgan the TRTW Coordinator at 619-543-7709.