Leadership Scholarship

All of the funds for Fiscal Year 2013 Leadership Scholarship have been awarded and we are no long accepting applications.

Fiscal year 2014 scholarship policy and selection criteria are currently being reviewed and updates are expected to be released by the end of June, 2013.

The purpose of these scholarships is to provide funding of $750 maximum (when available) to Managers/Leaders to attend professional conferences to further the Manager/Leader's knowledge in areas directly related to enhancing the use of  UC San Diego Health System's Core Values in their daily work and/or in improving their performance management knowledge and skills.

   Classification as a Leader or Manager  in Salary Grades PSS5, PSS6, PSS7, PSS8, MSPA, MSPB, MSPC
•   Funded by UC San Diego Health System in a full-time career position.
•   Has not received funding for a professional conference within this funding period [an individual may only receive one scholarship per fiscal year funding period].
•   Has not been funded to attend the annual Supervisors Academy within the current fiscal year.
•   Identifies a professional conference and provides copy of brochure as part of the application.
•   Completes the attached application form.
•  Submits application to the Human Resources, Attn:  Tamitha Mueller (mail code 8912) at least two months prior to the dates of the conference if possible.

The applications will be reviewed and evaluated by Staff Development in Human Resources using the above criteria.  Applications will receive consideration in the order in which they are received.  When funds are depleted, no further applications will be considered until the next fiscal year funding period.    

Applicants who have submitted requests will be notified by Human Resources via a written acknowledgement of the approval or disapproval.   All expenses will require verification in the form of receipts or payment acknowledgements.   Travel arrangements and registrations will be the responsibility of the scholarship recipient. 

Any questions regarding the Leadership Scholarship program may be directed to Tamitha Mueller, Senior Training Specialist at mail code 8912 or via email at: trmueller@ucsd.edu