Mock-Up Site

A Mock-Up Site has been created at 5985 Pacific Center Blvd., #210, San Diego, CA 92121. At this site, there are seven model rooms that will be part of UC San Diego Jacobs Medical Center. These mock-up rooms were built by FOAMCo, a local San Diego company. 

Benefits of Creating a Mock-Up Site

  • Makes it easier to visualize and evaluate than blueprints or floor plans
  • Foam models are created to scale, allowing realistic walk-throughs
  • Models become progressively more life-like as colors and textures are added
  • The materials used by FOAMCo are non-toxic and recyclable when the project is completed
  • Less expensive to make design changes in foam, rather than using actual materials, or on site
  • Able to integrate feedback from various constituencies
  • Allows staff to simulate clinical scenarios and test in-room workflow


To schedule a guided tour or to join a monthly self-guided tour of the site, please contact Mary Sue Miller, Project Specialist, Design and Construction, at 858-534-0624 or


NOTICE: All Jacobs Medical Center images, such as photographs and renderings, are copyrighted by UC San Diego Health Sciences’ Marketing and Communications Department, and are for its exclusive use. To obtain permission to use any of these images, please contact Beth Regan at

 Med Surgery Bed
Mock-Up Medical Surgical Room
Mock-Up Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
 Operating Room
Mock-Up Operating Room
 Cancer Patient Room
Mock-Up Cancer Patient Room
Operating Room
Operating Room
ICU patient room
ICU Patient Room