Hospital for Advanced Surgery

Video: Hospital for Advanced Surgery at Jacobs Medical Center

The Hospital for Advanced Surgery will offer patients access to more than 200 surgeons who specialize in complex procedures for all medical conditions.

Examples of these surgeries include:

  • MRI-guided gene therapy for brain cancer
  • Heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy for abdominal cancers
  • Complex spine and joint reconstruction
  • Robotic surgery for thyroid, esophageal, prostate, colon, kidney and bladder cancers
  • Delicate microsurgery to restore voice and hearing and reanimation of the paralyzed face and extremities
  • Minimally invasive surgical options will be available to treat cancer, obesity and a range of other conditions

Advanced Surgical Techniques

Our expert team of surgeon-scientists will continue to combine leading-edge diagnostics and surgical care to ensure every patient receives the best possible treatment.

To enhance safety, and to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients, surgeons will have access to the region’s only intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. From two operating suites, neurosurgeons will be able to image the brain in real-time to be certain that malignancies such as glioblastoma have been removed. Intraoperative ultrasound and computed tomography (CT) will be used in two adjoining operating suites for a range of procedures, including lymph node mapping and other applications that are in development.

“UC San Diego surgeons have pioneered innovations in robotic technology, miniaturized microsurgery, single-incision laparoscopy and natural orifice transluminal surgery. Our new operating rooms are designed to accommodate these lifesaving techniques while promoting surgical safety. The hospital is designed for what we do today and for what we predict we will do in the future.”
- Christopher Kane, MD, interim chair of the department of surgery, UC San Diego School of Medicine

State-of-the-Art Hospital Design

Surgery Medical Surgical Patient Room

The Hospital for Advanced Surgery will have 14 new, 650 square foot, operating rooms. These rooms are larger than a standard OR, and the ideal size to accommodate rapid changes in technology. The operating room designs incorporate input from UC San Diego Center for the Future of Surgery, which was established to research, design and teach the most safe and effective surgeries for patients.

Patients will recover in one of 24 Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or 12 Intermediate Care Unit (IMU) rooms. All of the rooms will be private, each with a bathroom and a fold-out bed for a family member.

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