The Pauline and Stanley Foster Hospital for Cancer Care

Cancer Patient Room

The Pauline and Stanley Foster Hospital for Cancer Care, encompassing three floors of Jacobs Medical Center, will be home to medical staff who are specially trained in caring for the complex needs of patients with cancer. The hospital will be the only in-patient facility of its kind in San Diego County which has the fifth largest U.S. populous, and where cancer is the number one cause of death. With 108 dedicated beds, the hospital will double UC San Diego Health System’s capacity to treat patients with every form of malignancy.

Personalized, Family-Focused Care

The Pauline and Stanley Foster Hospital for Cancer Care has been designed with cancer patients and their families in mind. The result: a fully supportive and healing environment. Here, our cancer experts will care for patients in an intimate and compassionate way that dramatically aids healing. Comfortable sleep space for family members can be found in all patient rooms. Also included is a family consultation room and patient resource center.

Immune-Based Therapies

Patients will have access to targeted cancer therapies, many that are only available in university hospitals.

For patients with blood cancers that are resistant to chemotherapy, UC San Diego doctors will be able to remove a patient’s T cells, a type of white blood cell, and reprogram them with new genes to enable the T cells to attack the cancer. The goal is to create a one-time treatment that safely induces and maintains remission.

“In terms of unique treatments, what our patients will be able to access here is cell-based immunotherapy. Cell therapy allows us to use a patient’s own immune cells to fight cancer by reengineering them. What Mother Nature left out, cancer doctors can now fill in. This is the ultimate in personalized medicine for cancer care.”
- Scott Lippman, MD, director of UC San Diego Moores Cancer Center

Blood and Marrow Transplant

Video: The Future of Cancer Care at Jacobs Medical Center

Blood and marrow transplantation will continue to be offered as a lifesaving therapy for many blood-based cancers.

The Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, which is jointly sponsored by UC San Diego Health System and Sharp Healthcare, will be expanded at Jacobs Medical Center. The program currently performs more than 135 transplants annually and is one of the largest in California.

Specially designed with a separate air-filtration system, the Blood and Marrow Transplant unit allows patients with compromised immune systems to move freely within the entire unit, instead of being confined to their treatment room. The unit will also include a physical fitness room for patients to benefit from exercise throughout treatment.

Through the development and implementation of new immune-based therapies, Jacobs Medical Center will stand out as a cancer center that can care for the nation’s most medically fragile patients and those whose cancer cannot be treated with conventional approaches.

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