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Spine Surgery: Keeping Patients Walking

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Stories of Patient Power, by Andrew Schorr

The role of the spine is to provide protection, support and mobility, but a condition known as lumbar stenosis can change all of that and even cause some patients as to loose their walking ability. Join Dr. Yo-Po Lee and his patient as he sheds light on surgical procedures for this condition and debunk common myths about spine surgery as it relates to back pain.

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This 30-Minute Program Features:

  • Yu Po Lee, M.D.
    Assistant Professor, Division of Orthopedic Spine Surgery
    University of California San Diego Health System

    Dr. Lee specializes in degenerative spinal disease, adult spinal deformity and also minimally invasive spine surgery.. He assisted on the first disc replacement performed at the Cleveland Clinic and also performed the first X-STOPs at UCSD.
  • Leanne Lynn
    Suffered with lumbar stenosis

bullet Listen to the Audio Program (you will be taken to the Patient Power website)