Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular Research at UC San Diego

  • Heart Failure
    • Development
    • Viruses and innate cardiac immune response
    • Adrenergic signaling –pre clinical and clinical
  • Atherosclerosis
    • Role of oxidized lipids
  • Integrins in inflammation

Cardiovascular research at UC San Diego is interdisciplinary, including investigators from:

  • Division of Cardiology
  • Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism
  • Division of Pharmacology
  • Division of Hematology and Oncology
  • Department of Family and Preventive Medicine
  • Department of Radiology
  • Division of Pulmonary Medicine
  • Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  • Jacobs School of Engineering
  • Division of Biological Sciences
  • Skaggs School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Publications in Cardiovascular Medicine

View titles and abstracts of scientific articles written by UC San Diego Health System physicians (PubMed link).

Collaborating Institutions

  • Salk Institute
  • Scripps Research Institute
  • Sanford Burnham Institute
  • The San Diego Consortium for Regenerative
  • San Diego State University
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