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About the Center for Pain Medicine

UC San Diego's Center for Pain Medicine is proud to be a 2014 Centers of Excellence Award Recipient through the American Pain Society. This annual awards program helps advance the quality of pain management in the United States by rewarding excellence in quality clinical care. We are proud to be recognized with this prestigious award, as we continue treating patients with a variety of pain conditions.

Pain affects three out of four patients and can have a profound effect on their physical, mental and spiritual well being. Recent advances in our understanding of pain have lead to new treatments and pain management techniques for acute, chronic, and cancer pain.

The Center for Pain Medicine specializes in these areas and offers a wide range of treatment options with a comprehensive approach.

Our center:

  • Combines traditional and complementary approaches
  • Empowers patients through education about their conditions
  • Identifies the best methods to relieve pain, promote healing, and restore maximum levels of function
  • Has extensive knowledge of the latest pain management treatments and techniques