Information for New Patients

Thank you for choosing UCSD Center for Pain Medicine. We offer a wide range of services with a comprehensive approach and have provided the following information for your convenience before your first appointment.


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Patient Testimonials

"Dr Wallace is a life saver. I have a very poor back condition in which Dr Wallace has made much easier to deal with daily."

"Everyone did a professional job. I couldn't ask for better service - give them a pat on the back for a job
well done."

"Best medical care I have ever received in the 49 years I been alive."

"Dr Polston is informative, patient, and persistent."

"I always feel like the staff is really concerned with me. I never feel like a number. The staff always
listens and understand my problems. I don't ever want to go to any other hospital for anything."

"Dr Ahadian explained everything in lay terms with many choices and concerns. I feel so much better on his suggested medicine. His assistant was also superb and caring."

"I can't express the long road I've had just to find a doctor who sincerely cares about his patients, well
at least me personally. I'm forever grateful."

Center for Pain Medicine
Perlman Medical Offices
9350 Campus Point Drive, Suite 2C
La Jolla, CA 91111
and 858-822-6110