Pain Management Health Videos on Demand

  • Back Pain in Pregnancy
    Douglas Chang, MD, UCSD Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, discusses strategies for managing low back pain during pregnancy. (45 minutes) Watch it now

  • Biology of Pain in Women
    UCSD School of Medicine and the Diana Padelford Binkley Foundation bring you this groundbreaking series to improve awareness of the prevalence and severity of pain in women. In this program, Mark Wallace, MD, UCSD Center for Pain Medicine, talks about the biology of pain in women. (49 minutes) Watch it now

  • Evaluation & Assessment of Pain in Women
    Farshad M. Ahadian, MD, UCSD Center for Pain Medicine, talks about the evaluation and assessment of pain in women. (47 minutes) Watch it now

  • Health Matters: Stress and Pain Management with Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
    Steven D. Hickman, Psy.D. discusses the field of behavioral medicine, specifically assessing and treating patients with chronic pain and illness. Dr. Hickman utilizes Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) a particular way of paying attention: with mindful intention, in the moment, without judgment. Although MBSR embraces the acceptance of things as they are without striving, research has shown that, with regular practice, it has the potential to lower stress, anxiety, and depression. It can promote relaxation, improve concentration, raise self-awareness, and enhance the immune system. (28 minutes) Watch it now

  • Low Back Pain
    The Stein Institute for Research on Aging presents Dr. John Chardos Department of Medicine (VA) on the cause, treatment and prevention of low back pain. (58 minutes) Watch it now

  • Overview of Management of Acute & Chronic Pain in Women
    Mark Wallace, MD, UCSD Center for Pain Medicine, gives an overview of management of acute and chronic pain in women. (57 minutes) Watch it now

  • Pain Syndromes in Rheumatology
    Zuhre Tutuncu, MD, UCSD Department of Rheumatology, discusses pain syndromes in rheumatology. (44 minutes) Watch it now

  • The Stepwise Evaluation & Treatment of Headache
    Christy M. Jackson, MD, UCSD Headache Clinic, discusses the stepwise evaluation and treatment of headaches. (58 minutes) Watch it now

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