Knowledge Base

Cystic fibrosis patients may experience a wide range of symptoms related to their disease - these can include sinus, respiratory, gastrointestinal, reproductive, musculoskeletal, vascular, and skin problems.  It is important for CF patients to understand their disease and how to best manage it.

We've developed an online curriculum to help!  Below is a brief list of topics to review, with some links to more information.  Please use this for self-education, and as a stimulus for more discussion in clinic.  If there is something you'd like to review or discuss with us - just ask!

Basic Information

  • How does mucus affect:
    • Sinuses?
    • Lungs?
    • Pancreas?
    • Diabetes?
    • Liver?
    • Intestines?
    • Sweat glands?
    • Reproduction?


  • How do we treat sinus disease?
    • Sinus irrigation
    • Antibiotics
    • Surgery
  • Is there a correct "order" in which to do treatments?
    • Bronchodilator (such as albuterol)
    • Mucolytic (such as Pulmozyme)
    • Airway clearance therapy
      • Many patients prefer to use hypertonic saline while using their Vest
    • Inhaled antibiotic (such as TOBI or Cayston)
  • Diabetes
    • Glucose tolerance testing
    • What is a hemoglobin A1c (glycohemoglobin)?
    • Insulin therapy