A Study on Stress, Blood Pressure, & Ethnicity

Did you know that stress and African-American ethnicity are both associated with increased risk for cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure?

UC San Diego Health System's Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine is conducting a study to investigate possible reasons for such increased risk and how ethnicity and adversity interact in determining such risks in a population of healthy, working African Americans and Caucasians. Results of the study may affect diagnosis and treatment of high blood pressure in the future.

Help researchers learn more about how:

  • Stress increases blood pressure response
  • Individuals from different ethnic backgrounds respond to stress differently
  • Sleep influences blood pressure

Interested in Participating?

Benefits of Participation:

  • Free physical exam, laboratory work, and EKG
  • Financial compensation of up to $325 upon completion of study

Who Potentially Qualifies:

  • Normal weight individuals, 18–50 years old
  • African Americans or Caucasians
  • Men and women working greater than halftime; no shift work
  • No major clinical illnesses
  • No prescription medication except anti-hypertensive medication (for high
    blood pressure)

If you are eligible to participate, you will undergo a complete history & physical (including an
EKG), spend two nights and one day in the hospital, and monitor your blood pressure at home on two separate occasions.

How to Participate:

  • Call our Clinical Research Coordinator at 619-543-2502.

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