Hernia Surgery

A hernia can be a complex, uncomfortable and debilitating condition. Untreated, intestines can get trapped inside the hernia potentially causing strangulation – a life-threatening situation.

UC San Diego Health System’s hernia surgical team provides an advanced clinical care center for people experiencing hernia. With specialized training in hernia repair, we provide expert, compassionate care for all types of hernias.

Our team, led by Garth Jacobsen, MD, has performed thousands of hernia surgeries – from complex open procedures to laparoscopic and robot-assisted, minimally invasive techniques. We are advancing hernia care through clinical trials to provide you leading edge, effective treatment. At UC San Diego Center for the Future of Surgery, we are utilizing groundbreaking technology and surgical approaches and redefining surgical hernia repair.

At the Hernia Center, we will answer all your questions about your condition. You can expect a strong and lasting hernia repair in a safe and comforting environment.

Read more about hernias and treatment, and about the specialists dedicated to this work.

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