Trauma Prevention Programs

Home Safety Makeover Video

This upbeat, professionally produced 22-minute video discusses home safety for all ages and shows step-by-step quick fix modifications that can be made for optimal safety. Produced in a real time style with a recognizable narrator, the video uses regional injury prevalence data, and features a San Diego County family home and local trauma and injury prevention experts. The video addresses some of the most common dangers in and around the home such as drowning, fires, toppling furniture and falls. Viewers will be better able to recognize dangers in their own homes and take steps to prevent injuries. Funded by TREF, the video premiered in June 2012 during National Home Safety Month. Watch it now!

bulletDrive Attentively San Diego

Recognizing that traffic collisions account for the majority of deaths and injuries across all age groups and that 95 percent of these are preventable, UC San Diego Health System is taking a major role in community efforts to reverse this trend. Some of the initiatives we are leading include:

  • Partnering with the San Diego Trauma System for countywide reach
  • Partnering with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) to reduce underage drinking and drinking and driving
  • Convening multiple community agencies through the TREF Safe Teen Driving Council
  • Adding data collection to the San Diego Sheriff’s Start Smart classes
  • Adding a safety component to the countywide Bike to Work Day

You Matter!
Work, Play and Drive Safely!

OMG Anti Texting While Driving Campaign

OMG Anti-Texting While Driving Campaign – 2012

TREF’s collaboration with the Orthopaedic Trauma Association (OTA) and the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) creates and distributes poignant teen focused messages regarding the deadly distractions of texting while driving. Posters, school folders, and other targeted materials are provided to teens and parents through San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Start Smart Classes at high schools, and other venues to create top of mind awareness that lives can be saved when drivers refrain from texting while driving. 

Helmets 4 All – 2012

Helmets 4 All is a bicycle safety education program started in 2011 in partnership with the El Cajon Fire Department. The program targets teens in the Granite Hills area of San Diego County. Given the fire department's unique familiarity with the community, TREF utilized this relationship to increase bicycle helmet use among teens.  Firefighters observed helmet use near schools and areas frequented by teens, and gave out new helmets to teens not wearing one, along with bicycle safety information. Teens wearing helmets received a gift card to Subway. Firefighters will continue to observe these areas and see whether the 300 helmets provided and gift cards increased use. If the results look favorable, the program will be duplicated in the City Heights area. 

Bike to Work Day – May 2012

UC San Diego Health System hosts two pit stops in the countywide Bike to Work Day each May. In partnership with the San Diego County Bicycle Coalition and the local sponsor of the event, the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), we provide information about bicycle safety, helmet use, rules of the road, bike maintenance, commute planning, and bicycle safety class information.

Burn Prevention Education

Each year, approximately 4,500 people die from burn-related injury. In collaboration with the Burn Institute and with the San Diego County "Before the Threat" fire and trauma initiative, we give burn prevention and safety presentations to parent groups, school children and at community events all over San Diego. Community events where we teach about burn safety include:
  • Fire Expo at the San Diego County fairgrounds in June
  • Summer Movies in the Park-4S Ranch in September
  • City of Coronado Fire Department Open House in October
  • North County Fire Open House in October

Read more about the Regional Burn Center.

San Diego Science Alliance High Tech Fair – February 2012

At this annual event, teens learn about the impact of a vehicle traffic collision on the body and see the remains of a real crashed car. UC San Diego trauma team members collaborate with the San Diego Sheriff’s Department and DriveCam to educate students about traumatic injuries.

San Diego Report to the Community on Child and Teen Safety – June 2012

At this special event, leaders in San Diego trauma care and prevention will report to the community on the status of injury for children and teens. Held at the Ultra Star Cinema, at Hazard Center in Mission Valley; the Home Safety QuickFix video will also be premiered. This event is co-sponsored by the County of San Diego, Health and Human Services, SafeKids and TREF.

For More Information:

Regional Trauma Center and Injury Epidemiology Prevention and Research Center (IEPRC)

Trauma and Burn Prevention Coordinator
Jan Ferree, MA