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Genitourinary Reconstructive Urology

Urologic Reconstructive Surgery

UC San Diego Health System’s urologists are leaders in the expert treatment of complicated urinary disorders including urethral stricture, fistulas, trauma and complications following prostate cancer treatment.

Conditions and Treatments

The male urethra is a long, delicate tube that begins at the bladder neck, runs through the middle of the prostate and throughout the length of the penis. Obstruction or scarring of the urethra can lead to lifelong difficulties with urination. Because of its length and location, the male urethra and genitourinary system is especially prone to injury. The surgical treatment of complicated urinary obstructions requires extensive expertise in performing delicate surgeries, like urethroplasty.

Many patients live with symptoms of urinary disorder for years before seeking treatment, causing unnecessary grief and possible long-term problems. For instance, we see patients who have been previously treated unsuccessfully with dilation or an incision (urethrotomy) made in the urethra to help improve the flow of urine. This treatment can be successful in patients with no history of previous dilations or have a short urethral stricture located close to the body. However, for patients who have undergone a dilation or incision where the stricture returned within a few months of treatment, the success rate of repeated treatment is very low. In fact, for patients who have had three or more unsuccessful dilations or incisions, the success rate of repeated treatment is zero.

Our specialists are experts at treating complicated urinary disorders so that patients can avoid repeated procedures and return to living a normal, healthy life more quickly. Read more about the conditions we treat.

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Conditions We Treat

  • Urethral stricture or obstruction
  • Complications following prostate cancer treatment, including rectourethral and urethral fistulas, an obstructed or blocked urethra and urinary incontinence
  • Adult hypospadias and revision repair
  • Trauma to the genitourinary system
More Information on Conditions

UC San Diego Leadership in Genitourinary Reconstructive Urology

Jill Buckley, MD

Meet Jill Buckley, MD, urologic trauma reconstructive surgeon.