Embracing Risk is Power

Tanya's Story Of Power at UC San Diego Health System

No one in San Diego offers more advanced treatment options for high-risk pregnancy than UC San Diego Health System.

Nothing could have prepared mother-to-be Tanya Steinman for this: her babies had Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome, a rare condition in fetuses that share a placenta. Left untreated, it could be fatal for both. The question was, how should they treat it? Tanya’s doctor recommended a perinatologist at UC San Diego Health System, who was doing a new fetal surgery called laser photocoagulation. Put simply, by correcting the babies’ shared blood flow, he would give both the best chance to survive. Despite the risks, Tanya and her husband agreed to try it. 16 weeks later, the healthy cries of sisters Julia and Audrey confirmed the power of academic medicine.