Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fax, mail or submit a hard copy of my resume?
We no longer accept hardcopy resumes.
All applications must be submitted through the job site

How long are jobs posted on the UC San Diego Health System website?
The length of time a job is posted depends on several factors. Is it an internal or external recruitment? Does the applicant pool have a sufficient number of applicants and does it reflect the diverse population of the Health System?
Internal recruitments are posted for a minimum of 7 days and external recruitments are posted for a minimum of 14 days.
If any recruitment does not have a reasonable number of qualified diverse candidates, then it may be left open with an extended deadline. However, a hire for any recruitment can be made at any time after the original closing date even if the extended date has not been reached.

My application was referred. When will I hear from the department?
There is no definite time period. It depends on the needs of the department.

How can I get the name and contact information of the hiring manager?
This information is not released to applicants.
If you have been referred for a position and selected for an interview, the hiring manager will contact you.

What is meant by 49%, 60%, 90%, 100% position?
A 100% position is a full-time position equaling 40 hours per week. A 90% position equals 36 hours per week usually consisting of three 12 hour shifts in a seven day period. A 60% position equals 24 hours per week. Most positions at 49% or below are per diem positions and are not guaranteed any hours. A Per Diem position is one that supplements scheduling in a department on a pre-scheduled or on an as-needed basis as determined by the Health System.