Wellness Walk Maps and Routes

Join others on a Wellness Walk!

Join your colleagues systemwide in recognizing National Employee Health and Fitness month by participating in UC Walks.


As of 5/14/13, The UC Walks Event at the UCSD Medical Center-Hillcrest,  East Campus, Med Center Mosey have been postponed until further notice.
Questions? Contact Lori Shonley, lshonley@ucsd.edu, 619-471-9556.

Hillcrest employees will walk the ½ mile route around the Medical Center. Please see the link for a map of the route.

Hillcrest walk map

“La Jolla Employees can walk the ¾ mile “East Campus Amble” around Thornton, or the ½ mile “Med Center Mosey”. Please see the link for a map of your preferred route.”

East Campus Amble map

Med Center Mosey Map

To sign up for UC Walks, please contact Lori Shonley at 619-471-9556

Participants will receive a free t-shirt, entry into an opportunity drawing and more!

UC Walks is a follow-up program to help you earn credit for your StayWell incentive. For more information about the StayWell program, click here.


Walk Wednesdays at Hillcrest

11:30 a.m. or 12 p.m. meet by the Gildred Cancer Center and the CTF Building

Start tracking your Steps today to earn Wellness Incentives:

  • Pedometers = FREE for committing to exercise at least 1X a week
  • T-Shirt = 10,000 steps
  • Water bottle = 25,000 steps
  • Shoe Wallet = 50,000 steps
  • Tech Shirt = 100,000 steps
  • Tote bag = 200,000 steps
  • Talking pedometer = 500,000 steps

For more information contact medctrbenefits@ucsd.edu or at ext. 38215

The Division of Trauma, Surgical Critical Care and Burns reminds UC Walkers to reduce the risk of injury by:

  • Starting your walk slowly, both in pace and time
  • Don’t stretch cold muscles - after 5 minutes, stop and gently flex and point toes, circle ankles, reach one arm up - then the other, and slowly twist both directions from the waist.
  • Near the end, slow your pace and stretch after your walk

Visit http://www.walksandiego.org/ for guidance on selecting walking shoes, and tips on walking safely.