Classification Procedures

Procedures for requesting classification review for new vacancies or for changes to an existing position:

Department Responsibilities are to:

Prepare a position description that clearly describes the position's duties, level of responsibility, and degree of supervision. This should be done using the Lawson Performance Management System.

New Positions:

Forward the position description, organizational chart, and memo explaining the purpose of the position, and vacancy listing to Compensation Services. For proposed new positions and reclassification requests, please keep your SMT informed.

Reclassification Requests:

Forward the Classification Review Questionnaire, the updated position description and an organizational chart to Compensation Services.

Effective Date Policies:

Lateral Reclassification

The effective date is the beginning of the first pay period following approval from Compensation Services unit.

Upward Reclassification

The normal effective date is the beginning of the first pay period following receipt by the Compensation Services unit. If the reclassification is to a newly established class or is the result of revised class standards, the effective date may not be earlier than the effective date of the new class or standards.

Downward Reclassification

A downward reclassification is effective at the earliest practical date, but no later than six months after approval of the reclassification or upon replacement of the incumbent, whichever occurs first.