2011-2012 Clinical Excellence Staff Incentive Plan Results and Award Payments

How to calculate your award amount:

Part A

Organizational Goal-25%


Part B

Goal established by department/unit-75%

The goal for 11-12 was to “likelihood to recommend” as reported on the Press Ganey Survey


The goal(s) established by departments at the beginning of fiscal year 2011-2012

Organizational Area

Level at which goal was met

Payout amount


Level at which goal was met by department

Inpatient Units


$ 200


Threshold= $375

Target= $550

Maximum= $750



$ 250


Ambulatory Care


$ 250


Oncology Services


$ 200


Select the organizational area in which you work. The column labeled “Payout amount” indicates the payment you will receive.


Select the level at which your department met it’s goals.

Part A + Part B = Your incentive award payment

Clinical Excellence Staff Incentive Plan

Staff Incentive Plan - PowerPoint

Frequently Asked Questions

I work in several different departments. How will my award be calculated?

If an employee works in several different departments their payment is based on the area in which they worked the most hours during FY 2011-2012.

How do I know at what level my department met it’s goals?

Departmental leaders should have this information.

Will this be paid in a separate check?

Payments will be part of employee’s normal bi-weekly paycheck.

Are per diem employees eligible for the award?

Yes, provided they worked more than 1000 hours between 7/1/11 and 6/30/12

Why did I not receive an award?

Most common reasons:

  • You were hired after 12/31/11
  • You are on probation
  • You are a per diem employee and worked less than 1000 hours between 7/1/11 and 6/30/12

How come employees are receiving different payout amounts?

25% of the award opportunity is based on organizational performance and 75% of the opportunity is based on unit specific goals. Unit specific goals vary by cost center. Employees are paid based on their cost center’s goal achievement level.

How will taxes be calculated?

  • Lum-sum payments are taxed at a flat rate of 35%
  • Federal Taxes: 25%
  • California Taxes 10%
  • For more information on taxes, please visit http://www.irs.gov/