Salary Ranges for Non-Represented Titles

Salary grades and ranges have been established for the following non-represented staff:

Professional and Support Staff (PSS)

Employees in the category of Professionals and Support Staff (PSS) provide administrative, professional, technical, and operational support through independent judgment, analytical skill, and professional technical expertise, or are responsible for providing clerical, administrative, technical, service, and maintenance support for university departments, programs, and fields of study.

Professional and Support Staff Salary Ranges

Management and Senior Professional (MSP)

Managers and Senior Professionals (MSPs) provide leadership and professional expertise at the highest levels to major medical center units, programs, or fields of work, and are accountable for their areas of responsibility. MSP positions are responsible for identifying objectives, formulating strategy, directing programs, managing resources, and functioning effectively with a high degree of autonomy.

Managers and Senior Professional Salary Grades

Senior Management Group (SMG)

The Senior Management Group is composed of the senior leadership positions at the medical center requiring the exercise of a high degree of independent judgment in the development of University-wide policy and program direction and acceptability for long-term results.

Senior Management Group Salary Grades