Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation is a state-mandated benefit designed to be a "no-fault" system. The purpose of Workers' Compensation is to provide benefits and assistance to all workers who are either injured or develop a job-related illness as a result of their employment. Benefits may include:

  • Medical Costs
  • Temporary Disability
  • Death Benefits
  • Permanent Disability

The objective of the Workers' Compensation Program is to bring about your expedient recovery and return to productive work.

Who is covered by the UCSDMC Workers' Compensation Program and When?

Who - UC San Diego employees and volunteers with paperwork on file.

When - Workers' Compensation coverage begins the first minute you are on the job and continues any time you are officially on the job. The only requirement is that you are officially working as an employee providing a service to the university at the time of your injury.