Recruitment Team

The Recruitment Team at UC San Diego Health System works closely with each hiring manager throughout the hiring process to find the best candidate for each job. Each member of the Recruitment Team is highly trained in all areas of recruitment and the hiring process for both external and internal new hires.

Joseph Araiza
Sr. Recruiter
Phone: 619-543-3838

Denise Karp
Sr. Recruiter
Phone: 619-543-3097

Monica Redmond
Phone: 619-543-3758


Stacie Macaluso
Nurse Recruitment Manager
Phone: 619-543-3668
Fax: 619-543-6271
Pager: 619-290-3924

Alyssa Belcher
Nurse Recruiter
Phone: 858-657-7176
Fax: 858-657-7395

Brooks Crockett
Onboarding Nurse Recruiter
Phone: 619-543-2176
Fax: 619-471-0224