Employee Opinion Survey - Information and Tools for Managers

2012 Employee Opinion Survey Results

Identifying Items and Criteria for Action Planning

Identifying Items

  • Tools:
  • Make sure items fall into the Manager or Employee Domain
  • Review the Quadrant Report for High Satisfaction/ High Importance AND Low Satisfaction/ High Importance
  • Review the Action Planning Readiness Items
  • Review the Employee Commitment Index Items
  • Review items that were the focus of prior Employee Opinion Surveys

Questions to ask when identifying items  

  • Is this item meaningful for our work unit?
  • Is this item actionable?

Setting a criteria for action planning/ important “ingredients”

  • Consider planning and logistics
    • When and where will we meet?
    • What materials do I need to have?
  • Employee Engagement/ Involvement                   
  • Resources
    • What is available to me? Where can I go for additional resources/ ideas/ support?
    • What resources will my team need to have in order to do our action plan? What is available to us? Where can we go?
    • Is there a cost attached to our action plan ideas? If so, how much? Do we have the money in our budget?
  • Who else is involved or might be affected by our action plan?
    • Do we need to talk to another group of employees? Do we need to get their buy-out and participation? Do we need their help? Who is going to make this connection?
  • Networking/ Sharing
  • Do-ability Can we really do this?
  • Measures
    • Set interim measures – time for checking in to make sure your team is on track and is on the right track
    • Set a final measure of success – how you will know you have achieved your goal.

Work Unit Feedback and Action Planning Meeting

Set the Stage

Share the Findings      

  • Highly recommend sharing result with work unit – Be transparent
  • Headlines from Your Report – Major Strengths and Concerns
  • Review Quadrant Reports for Your Unit

Facilitate Constructive Discussion

  • Share what you, as a manager, have learned
  • Focus on open discussion of your group’s results
  • Get input for Manager Action Plan

Define the Problem and Analyze Its Causes

  • Pinpoint your work groups’ issue(s) – no more than one or two
  • Discuss sources of the problem(s)

Generate and Select Solutions

Create Action Plans

Plan for Review

  • Establish follow-up process
  • Keep issue at the front of awareness