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Welcome to the UCSD Health Sciences Compliance/Privacy Program!

UCSD Health Sciences encompasses the UCSD School of Medicine and Healthcare, which includes the UCSD Health System and the UCSD Medical Group.  Please add this page to your bookmarks or favorite links.  Here is how to reach us:

Compliance/Privacy Program Staff:

How to Contact Us
Chief Compliance & Privacy Officer Kathleen Naughton, CPC, CCS-P, CHC
E-mail: knaughton@ucsd.edu

Tel: (619) 471-9152
Physician Advisor, Compliance & Privacy Lee Giddings, M.D.
UCSD Medical Director
Clinical Resource Management

E-mail: lgiddings@ucsd.edu
Tel: (619) 471-902
Director, Research Compliance Program Angela Fornataro McMahill, J.D., CCRA, CHC
E-mail: amcmahill@ucsd.edu
Tel: (619) 543-5899
Manager, Privacy Program Cheryl J. Nikas, CPC, CHPC, CHC
E-mail: cnikas@ucsd.edu

Tel: (619) 471-9153
Manager, Coding and Compliance Education Suzanne Forrest, RHIA, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, CHC
E-mail: sforrest@ucsd.edu
Tel: (619) 471-9154
Chart Review Specialists
Christiane Leichter,
E-mail: cleichter@ucsd.edu
Tel: (619) 471-9156

Claudia P. Lewis, CPC, CHC, CPMA
E-mail: cplewis@ucsd.edu
Tel: (619) 471-9155
Executive Assistant Andrea Bribiesca
E-mail: hscomply@ucsd.edu
Tel: (619) 471-9150

How to Reach Us

Main Office
Compliance/Privacy Program

Compliance & Privacy Physician Advisor

Research Compliance Program

Office Contact for Scheduling: Andrea Bribiesca
E-mail: hscomply@ucsd.edu
Tel: (619) 471-9150
Andrea Bribiesca
E-mail: hscomply@ucsd.edu
Tel: (619) 471-9150
Theresa Queen
E-mail: rcp@ucsd.edu
Tel: (619) 543-5888
Mailing Address: UCSD Health Sciences
Compliance Program
9500 Gilman Drive, 0836
La Jolla, CA 92093-0836
UCSD Health Sciences
Compliance & Privacy Officer
200 West Arbor Drive, 8986
San Diego, CA 92103-8986
UCSD Health Sciences
Research Compliance Program
200 West Arbor Drive, 8239
San Diego, CA 92103-8239
Telephone: (619) 471-9150 (619) 471-9028 (619) 543-5888
Facsimile: (619) 471-9158 (619) 471-9158 (619) 543-5842

Confidential Compliance Message Line (Hot Line)
1-877-319-0265 (Toll Free)

Please note: Some pages may require an assigned password/access code from the Corporate Compliance Office. Please email us at hscomply@ucsd.edu for username and password/access code.

Send questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the
UCSD Health Sciences Compliance/Privacy Program to: cnikas@ucsd.edu.
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