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  Differential Specimen Type:
  also known as Diff



Specimen requirements: 3 mL EDTA Hemogard Closure
  or:3 mL EDTA draw
  or:Lav Fingerstick Microtainer
Reference ranges:
Adult range only ***** ***** ***** *****
Neutrophils 45 70 % N/A
Bands 0 15 % N/A
Lymphocytes 20 40 % N/A
Monocytes 1 10 % N/A
Eosinophils 1 3 % N/A
Basophils 0 2 % N/A
Unit of measure: Percent (%)
Ideal sample: 3 mL EDTA Whole Blood (Laverder top tube)
Absolute minimum amount: 0.5 ML EDTA Whole Blood (Lavender top tube)
Method of collection: N/A
Transportation: N/A
Label instructions: N/A
The following substances can adversely affect the results: Hemolysis, Improper Line Draw, Cryoglobulins, Agglutinins, Platelet Clumps, Fibrin Strands
Request test on form: MULTI LABS [Chem/Hem/UA/Tox/BB/Rheum] ( 151-104 )
Order/entry screen(s): Hematology/Coagulation
  Common Lab Procedures
Stat frequency: Daily
Stat turn around time: 2 hours
Routine frequency: Daily
Must be in by: N/A
Routine turn around time: 24 Hours
For Hillcrest deliver to: SCRAP : Specimen Central Receiving and
  Processing, room 2-117
For Thornton deliver to: Hematology : Processing Desk, 1st floor,
  Hospital, room 1-013
Scheduling requirements : N/A
Method: Manual Microscopy or Flow Cytometry
Special Instructions: To find the normals for other age brackets for the neutrophil, band, lymphocyte, monocyte, eosinophil and basophil cell lines, see their individual procedures. The differential is not part of the Hemogram and must be ordered as "CBCD," Hemogram and diff. Manual differentials will be performed when the results of the Instrument automated differential do not correlate with previous patient results or if there are instrument flags indicating questionable results that need visual confirmation/evaluation.
  Results are available on a Chart Copy
  Results are Quantitative
CyberLAB abbreviation: DIFF
CyberLAB code: 7130
Lab Processing Instructions: N/A