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  Vasoactive Intestinal Polypeptide Specimen Type:
  also known as VIP



Specimen requirements: 5mL blood into any chilled container of EDTA, plus 0.2 cc of aprotinin. (0.04cc aprotinin per mL of whole blood.)
Reference ranges: 0 - 60
Unit of measure: pg/mL
Ideal sample: 5.0 mL
Absolute minimum amount: 0.3 mL plasma
Method of collection: N/A
Transportation: Bring specimen to laboratory immediately on ice.
Label instructions: Pre-Chilled Tube
Request test on form: "Write in" MULTI LABS [Chem/Hem/UA/Tox/BB/Rheum] ( 151-104 )
Order/entry screen(s):  N/A
Stat frequency: N/A
Stat turn around time: N/A
Routine frequency: Daily
Must be in by: N/A
Routine turn around time: 5-8 Days
For Hillcrest deliver to: SCRAP : Specimen Central Receiving and
  Processing, room 2-117
For Thornton deliver to: Chemistry : Processing Desk, 1st floor, Hospital,
  room 1-013
This test is sent to : ARUP - Associated Regional & University
Scheduling requirements : N/A
Method: Radioimmunoassay
Special Instructions: N/A
  Results are available on a Chart Copy
  Results are Quantitative
CyberLAB abbreviation: VIP
CyberLAB code: 9166
Lab Processing Instructions: Transport tube to lab within 30 minutes of draw. Add Aprotinin, located in Refridgerator #10, to specimen before spinning. Freeze after processing. Critical frozen.