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  Stool AFB Culture Specimen Type:
  also known as AFB Stool Culture, Stool Mycobacterial Culture



Specimen requirements: Denture Container for Fecal Samples
Unit of measure: N/A
Ideal sample: Fecal materal equal to an egg, or a rectal swab.
Absolute minimum amount: 2 gm or Rectal Swab
Method of collection: Random fecal sample
Transportation: Submit fresh within 2 hours or place in Carey-Blair transport medium.
Label instructions: All containers must be labeled with patient name and medical record number.
Request test on form: Multi Labs/Micro/Viro/Serology ( 151-905 )
Order/entry screen(s): Microbiology/Virology
Stat frequency: N/A
Stat turn around time: N/A
Routine frequency: N/A
Must be in by: N/A
Routine turn around time: 24 Hours for stain/ 8 weeks for culture
For Hillcrest deliver to: Microbiology : Room 2-109
For Thornton deliver to: Microbiology : Processing Desk, 1st floor,
  Hospital, room 1-013
Scheduling requirements : N/A
Method: N/A
Special Instructions: Instruct patient to defecate into a clean, dry bedpan without mineral oil. Remove a portion of the specimen with a tongue blade and place in a collection container. Submit 2 or 3 specimens on separate days to increase the probability of isolating a pathogen. If antibiotics are to be initiated, then it is acceptable to submit 2 samples in a single day, as long as the samples are from separate bowel movements.
  Results are available on a Chart Copy
  Results are Qualitative
SOFT LAB abbreviation: CXAFB
Secondary code: 4601
Lab Processing Instructions: Transfer sample to MCC collection kit (available from Micro Lab)