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  Autopsy Specimen Type:


Specimen requirements: N/A
Unit of measure: N/A
Ideal sample: N/A
Absolute minimum amount: N/A
Method of collection: N/A
Transportation: N/A
Label instructions: N/A
Request test on form: N/A
Order/entry screen(s):  N/A
Stat frequency: N/A
Stat turn around time: N/A
Routine frequency: N/A
Must be in by: N/A
Routine turn around time: Within 30 Days
For Hillcrest deliver to: Autopsy Service : Basement, room L-425
Deliver the specimen to : NA : NA
Scheduling requirements : Schedule with Autopsy Service: 619-543-5719.
Method: N/A
Special Instructions:

During working hours contact the Autopsy Service at ext 35719. If it is an emergency and there is no answer at ext 35719 during working hours, please call the page operator at ext 36440 and have the autopsy resident paged.

Whenever there is a Code Black on any floor, the nursing staff from that floor will notify security by paging them. The nursing staff puts the deceased into a body bag and ensures that the deceased  have ID tags attached to outer body bag that correspond to toe tag and/or wrist band. The nurse is to leave mechanical equipment/ interventions such as  tubing, needles, etc. intact.

It should be assumed that all patients are infectious and all persons handling decedents must wear gloves.  Additionally, the nurse attaches “green” “Hold for Autopsy Service” notice to the chart; and delivers completed “Consents for Autopsy” form and Medical Record to Decedent Affairs or Autopsy Service. 

Security will respond to floor with their gurney. Security will take the patient to cold room escorted by a staff member from the floor where the patient expired. Upon reaching the cold room, the security representative will transfer the remains onto another gurney and will check for proper I.D. on toe tag on remains or have staff do it in accordance with MCP 330.1J.

For more information, please refer to UCSD MCP 330.1J Decedent Affairs, which provides guidelines for the preparation and disposition of the body, and belongings of the deceased.

CyberLAB abbreviation: N/A
CyberLAB code: N/A
Lab Processing Instructions: N/A