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  Sterility Check Specimen Type:



Specimen requirements: Sterile Specimen Container
  or: Sterile Snap Cap Tube (13 X 100)
  or:Petri Dish Round
Unit of measure: N/A
Ideal sample: 2 mL
Absolute minimum amount: 1 mL
Method of collection: Varies according to source.
Transportation: Submit to lab within 2 to 4 hours or refrigerate up to 12 hours.
Label instructions: All samples must be labeled with exact type of specimen and location.
Request test on form: Multi Labs/Micro/Viro/Serology ( 151-905 )
Order/entry screen(s): Microbiology/Virology
Stat frequency: N/A
Stat turn around time: N/A
Routine frequency: Weekdays
Must be in by: 1600
Routine turn around time: 48 Hours for a negative culture
For Hillcrest deliver to: Microbiology : Room 2-109
For Thornton deliver to: Microbiology : Processing Desk, 1st floor,
  Hospital, room 1-013
Scheduling requirements : These samples should only be submitted Monday - Friday, 0700 to 1600 - except for special requests.
Method: N/A
Special Instructions: Sterility check samples are accepted on a variety of samples from different sources such as environmental, pharmacy fluids, solutions used in patient areas, etc. Always consult with the Microbiology lab or epidemiology before collecting and/or submitting samples of this nature. Other samples used for sterility check would be cultures obtained from various staff members, when tracking down the source of a nosocomial outbreak. This type of culture collection must be coordinated with the Epidemiology Department
  Results are available on a Chart Copy
  Results are Qualitative
SOFT LAB abbreviation: CXSTE
Secondary code: N/A
Lab Processing Instructions: N/A