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C-Peptide (blood)

C-Peptide, 24 hour urine only (urine)

C-Reactive Prot., High Sensitivity (blood)

C-Reactive Protein (blood)

C. Diff Toxin 

C. Difficile Toxin

C1 Esterase inhibitor (blood)

C1EI (blood)

C1Q (blood)

C1Q Qualitative (blood)

C3 (blood)

C4 (blood)

CA 27.29 (blood)   has been deactivated.  Please use:  CA 15-3 instead.

CA-125 (blood)

CA-15-3 (blood)

CA-153 (blood)

CA-19-9 (blood)

CA-199 (blood)

CBC (blood)

CCP Stain (blood)

CD3 (blood)

CD4 (blood)

CD4/CD8 (blood)

CD8 Stain (blood)

CD19 (blood)

CD20 (blood)

CEA Stain (blood)

CF (blood)

CFTR 5T Variant (CBAVD) (blood)

CFTR Intron 8 Poly (T) Variant (blood)

CH50 (blood)

CK (blood)

CK Isoenzyme MB (blood)

CK Isoenzymes (blood)

CK Toatal (blood)

CK-MB (blood)

CK-MB Index (blood)

CMV (blood)

CMV Culture

CMV Dectction by PCR (amniotic fluid)

CMV Detection by PCR (spinal fluid)

CMV Detection by PCR (blood)

CMV Total Antibody (blood)

CMV-M (blood)

CMV Shell Vial (Always done with CMV Culture)

CO2 (blood)

CO2 (urine)

CPK Isoenzymes (blood)

CPPT (blood)

CRP (blood)

CRP, High Sensitivity (blood)

CRYO (blood)

CSA (blood)

CSF AFB Culture (SpinalFl)

CSF Culture (SpinalFl)

CSF Fungal Culture (SpinalFl)

CSF Protein (SpinalFl)

CSF Protein (urine)

Caffeine (blood)

Calcitonin (blood)

Calcium (blood)

Calcium (urine)

Calcium, Ionized (blood)

Campy Culture

Campylobacter Culture

Canavan disease (blood)

Cancer Antige 27.29 (blood)

Cancer Antigen 125 (blood)

Cancer Antigen 153 (blood)

Carbamazepine (blood)

Carboxyhemoglobin (blood)

Carcinoembryonic Antigen (blood)

Cardiolipin Antibody (blood)

Carotene (blood)

Catecholamines (urine)

Catecholamines Blood (blood)

Catecholamines Plasma (blood)

Catecholamines Urine Total (urine)

Cell Count, Red (blood)

Cell Count, WBC

Cell count, RBC

Cerebrospinal Fluid (CSF) Culture (SpinalFl)

Cerebrospinal Fluid AFB Culture (SpinalFl)

Cerebrospinal Fluid Cytology

Cerebrospinal Fluid Fungal Culture (SpinalFl)

Cerivical Mucus Arborazation

Ceruloplasmin (blood)

Cervix Culture

Chem Panel, Blood Gas (blood)

Chemstrip UA (urine)

Chenodesoxycholic Acid (blood)

Chimerism Study (blood)

Chimerism Study (Bone Marrow)

Chlamydia Culture

Chlamydia DFA

Chlamydia Differentation Ab Panel (blood)

Chlamydia group Ab Screen-IgG, IgM (blood)

Chlamydia Trachomatis & Neisseria Gonorrhoease DNA Probe

Chloramphenicol (blood)

Chloride (blood)

Chloride (CSF)

Chloride (urine)

Chloroacetate Esterase Stain

Cholesterol (blood)

Cholic Acid (blood)

Cholinesterase, RBC (blood)

Chorionic Gonatotropin (blood)

Christmas Factor Assay (blood)

Chromogranin A (blood)

Citrate Urine (urine)

Citric Acid Urine (urine)

Clomipramine (blood)

Clomipramine and Metabolite (blood)

Clonazepam (blood)

Clonopin (blood)

Clotting Factor II Assay (blood)

Clotting Factor IX Assay (blood)

Clotting Factor V Assay (blood)

Clotting Factor VII Assay (blood)

Clotting Factor VIII Assay (blood)

Clotting Factor VIII Assay (blood)

Clotting Factor X Assay (blood)

Clotting Factor XI Assay (blood)

Clotting Factor XII Assay (blood)

Cocci Agar Gel Diffusion (SpinalFl)

Cocci Agar Gel Diffusion (blood)

Cocci CF (SpinalFl)

Cocci Comp Fix (SpinalFl)

Cocci ID (SpinalFl)

Cocci ID (blood)

Coccidioides Complement Fixation (blood)

Coccidioidomycosis Immunodiffusion (blood)

Coccidioides Complement Fixation (SpinalFl)

Collagen Cross-Linked N-Telopeptide (urine)

Complement 3 (blood)

Complement 4 (blood)

Complete Crossmatch (blood)

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (blood)

Congenital Bilateral Absence of the Vas Deferens (blood)

Coombs Crossmatch (blood)

Copper (blood)

Copper (urine)

Copper, Liver

Coproporphyrin Urine (urine)

Cord Screen (blood)

Cortisol (blood)

Cortisol (urine)

Cortisol Urinary Free (urine)

Cortisol, Free (urine)

Cotinine (blood)

Coxsackie B Virus Antibodies (blood)

Coxsackie B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6 Ab (blood)

Creatine Phosphokinase (blood)

Creatinine (blood)

Creatinine (urine)

Creatinine Clearance (urine)

Crossmatch Test; AHG (blood)

Cryoglobulin (blood)

Cryoprecipitate (blood)

Cryoprecipiteted AHF (blood)

Crypto Ag (SpinalFl)

Crypto Ag (blood)

Cryptococcal Antigen (SpinalFl)

Cryptococcal Antigen (blood)

Cryptosporidium Smear

Cryptosporidium Stain

Crystal Analysis

Culture for C. Difficile

Culture for Campylobacter

Culture for Chlamydia

Culture for Yersenia

Cyanide (blood)

CYLEX (blood)

Cyclic AMP (blood)

Cyclic AMP (urine)

Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (blood)

Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate (urine)

Cyclic Citrul. Peptide Ab, IgG (blood)

Cyclosporin (blood)

Cyclosporin A (blood)

Cystic Fibrosis (blood)

Cystine Quantitative Urine (urine)

Cytology, "RUSH" OR "SAME DAY"

Cytology, "STAT"

Cytology, Anus

Cytology, Ascites

Cytology, Bladder Washing

Cytology, Bronchial Brushing

Cytology, Bronchial Washing

Cytology, Buccal

Cytology, Cerebrospinal Fluid

Cytology, Cervix

Cytology, Esophageal Brushing

Cytology, Fine Needle Aspirate

Cytology, Gastric Brushings

Cytology, Oral Smear

Cytology, Oral

Cytology, Pericardial Fluid

Cytology, Peritoneal Fluid

Cytology, Peritoneal Washing

Cytology, Pleural Fluid

Cytology, Spinal Fluid

Cytology, Sputum

Cytology, Tracheal Aspiration

Cytology, Tracheal Washing

Cytology, Urine

Cytology, Vagina

Cytomegovirus IgM Antibody (blood)

Cytotoxic Antibody Screen (blood)

Cytotoxicity Crossmatch (blood)