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FA dysautonomia

FA for B. Pertussis

FA for Giardia

FA for Legionella

FACTOR II (blood)

FACTOR IX (blood)

FACTOR V (blood)

FANCC (blood)

FD (blood)

FFP (blood)

FK-506 (blood)

FMR-1 Related Disorders (FXTAS, POF) (blood)

FRAXA (blood)

FSH (blood)

FT4 (blood)

Factor II Activity Assay (blood)

Factor II Gene Mutation (blood)

Factor IX Activity Assay (blood)

Factor V Activity Assay (blood)

Factor V Leiden (blood)

Factor V Leiden (R506q) Mutation (blood)

Factor V Leiden Thrombophilia (blood)

Factor VII (blood)

Factor VII Activity Assay (blood)

Factor VIII (blood)

Factor VIII Activity Assay (blood)

Factor VIII Inhibitor Screen (blood)

Factor VIII Inhibitor Titer (blood)

Factor VIII-Related Antigen (blood)

Factor X (blood)

Factor X Activity Assay (blood)

Factor XI (blood)

Factor XI Activity Assay (blood)

Factor XII (blood)

Factor XII Activity Assay (blood)

Factor XIII/Clot Lysis Screen (blood)

Familial Dysautonomia (blood)

Fanconi anemia group C (blood)

Fat Stain

Fatty Acids, Stool

Fecal Culture

Fecal Fat

Fecal Lipids

Felbamate (blood)

Felbatol (blood)

Fern Test

Ferritin (blood)

Fertility Work-up

Fetal Fibronectin

Fetal Hemoglobin (blood)

Fetal Lung Profile

Fibrin Split Products (blood)

Fibrin Stabilizing Factor (blood)

Fibrinogen (blood)

Fine Needle Aspirate Cytology

Fiornal (urine)

Flecainide (blood)

Flow Anti-HLA Screen (blood)

Flow Antibody Screen and Identification (blood)

Flow Cytometry Antibody Screen (blood)

Flow Cytometry Leukemia/Lymphoma Panel (blood)

Flow Cytometry Leukemia/Lymphoma Panel (other)

Flow PRA (blood)

Fluconazole Level (blood)

Flucytosine Level (blood)

Fluid Protein

Fluid for EOS (blood)

Fluids for Cell Counts

Fluoxetine (blood)

Folate - Red Cell (blood)

Folate - Serum (Folic Acid) (blood)

Folic Acid (Folate - Serum) (blood)

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (blood)

Fragile X Associated Tremor/Ataxia Syndrome Associated premature ovarian failure (blood)

Fragile X Syndrome (blood)

Fragile X Mental Retardation (blood)

Free Fatty Acid (blood)

Free Insulin (blood)

Free Phenytoin (blood)

Free Prostate Specific Antigen, Percentage (Includes Free PSA & Total PSA) (blood)

Free PSA (blood)

Free T4 (blood)

Free T4 by Dialysis (blood)

Free and Total Testosterone (Adult Male) (blood)

Free and Total Testosterone (Female and Children) (blood)

Free Thyroxine (blood)

Free Valproic Acid (blood)

Fresh Frozen Plasma (blood)

Frozen Section

Fructosamine (blood)

Fungal Blood Culture (blood)

Fungal Culture Abdominal Fluid

Fungal Culture Body Fluid

Fungal Culture CSF (SpinalFl)

Fungal Culture Pleural Fluid

Fungal Culture Respiratory

Fungal Culture Sputum

Fungal Culture, Urine

Fungal Stool Culture

Fungal Identification & Sensitivities

Fungus Culture Abscess

Fungus Culture Drainage

Fungus Culture Wound

Fungus Culture for Blood (blood)