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P2Y12 (blood)

PAS Stain

PAMG-1 Protein Marker of Amniotic Fluid


PBG Deaminase, Erythrocyte (blood)

PCO2 (blood)

PCR - CMV (SpinalFl)



PSA, Free


PLT (blood)

PNH (blood)

PO2 (blood)

PPH (blood)

PPP (blood)

PRA (blood)

PSA (blood)

PT (blood)

PT 1:1 mix (blood)

PTH Intact (blood)

PTH-RP (blood)

PTT (blood)

PTT 1:1 mix (blood)

PWS (blood)

Panel A (blood)

Pap Smear, Vaginal

Pap Smear

Parainfluenza 1 DFA

Parainfluenza 2 DFA

Parainfluenza 3 DFA

Parasite Stain

Parasites Inclusions (blood)


Parathyroid Hormone Intact (blood)

Parentage Testing (other)

Parietal Cell Antibody (blood)

Paroxysmal Norturnal Hemoglobinuria (blood)

Partial Pressure, CO2 (blood)

Partial Pressure, Oxygen (blood)

Parvovirus Antibody Panel (blood)

Parvovirus B-19 DNA, PCR (blood)

Parvovirus IgG and IgM Antibodies (blood)

Paternity Testing (other)


Pentobarbital (blood)

Pericardial Fluid Cytology

Pericardial Fluid

Periodic Acid Schiff Stain

Peritoneal Fluid Cytology

Peritoneal Washing Cytology

Peroxidase Stain

Pertussis PCR

Phencyclidine (urine)

Phenobarbital (blood)

Phenytoin (blood)

Phenytoin (urine)

Phenytoin, Free (blood)

Phosphorus (blood)

Phosphorus (urine)

Placenta Examination


Plasma Hemoglobin (blood)

Plasma Renin (blood)

Plasma Renin Activity (blood)

Platelet Aggregation (blood)

Platelet Count (blood)

Platelets, Pheresis (blood)

Plavix Assay

Pleural Fluid Cytology

Pleural Fluid Fungal Culture

Pleural Fluid

Pneumo Latex Agglutination (SpinalFl)

Pneumo Latex Agglutination (blood)

Pneumo Latex Agglutination (urine)

Pneumococcal (Polyvalent) Antigen (SpinalFl)

Pneumococcal (Polyvalent) Antigen (urine)

Pneumococcus (Polyvalent) Antigen (blood)

Porcine Factor VIII Inhibitor Titer (blood)

Porphobilinogen Urine (urine)

Porphyrins, Urine (urine)

Post Transplant Monitoring (blood)

Post Transplant Monitoring (Bone Marrow)

Potassium (blood)

Potassium (urine)

Potassium, Blood Gas (blood)

Prader-Willi Syndrome (blood)

PreTransplant Crossmatch (blood)

Prealbumin (blood)

Pregnancy Screen (urine)

Pregnancy Test - Urine (POC)

Prenatal Screen (blood)

Primidone and Metabolite (blood)

Procainamide (blood)

Procainamide-NAPA Panel (blood)

Proconvertin Assay (blood)

Progesterone (blood)

Proinsulin (blood)

Prolactin (blood)

Pronestyl (blood)

Pronestyl (urine)

Propoxyphene (urine)

Prostate-Specific Antigen (blood)

Prostate-Specific Antigen Diagnostic

Prostate-Specific Antigen Screen

Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (blood)

Protamine Paracoagulation Phenomenon (blood)

Protein (blood)

Protein C Activity (blood)

Protein C Resistance Assay (blood)

Protein S Antigen - Free (blood)

Protein S Antigen - Total (blood)

Protein, Urine (urine)

Prothrombin Assay (blood)

Prothrombin (Factory II) (blood)

Prothrombin G20210A Mutation (blood)

Prothrombin Time (POC)

Prothrombin Time (blood)

Prothrombin-Proconvertin Test (blood)

Protime (blood)

Protime 1:1 mix (blood)

Protriptyline (blood)

Prozac (blood)

Prussian Blue Stain

Pseudocholinesterase (blood)

Psittacosis (blood)

Pus Culture

Pyralinks-D (urine)

Pyribenzamine (urine)

Pyridoxine (blood)

Pyruvate (SpinalFl)

Pyruvate (blood)

Pyruvate, Whole Blood (blood)

Pyruvic Acid (SpinalFl)

Pyruvic Kinase (blood)