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SC (blood)

SC Screen (blood)

SCL 70 (blood)

SCL 70 Antibody (blood)

SED (blood)

SGOT (blood)

SGPT (blood)

SM (blood)

SO2 (blood)

SOMA (urine)

SPEP (blood)

SSA (blood)

SSB (blood)

STR (blood)

STR (Bone Marrow)

STR Monitor (blood)

STR Monitor (Bone Marrow)

STR Screen(blood)

STR Screen(Bone Marrow)

Salicylates (blood)

Saline Washed RBC (blood)

Schlichter (blood)

Scleroderma Antibody (blood)

Seconal (urine)

Sed Rate (blood)

Sedimentation Rate (blood)

Semen Analysis, Vasectomy Check

Semen Analysis

Sensitivity Testing

Serine Protease 3 Antibody (blood)

Serotonin (blood)

Serotonin Metabolite (urine)

Serum Electrophoresis (blood)

Serum Killing Test (blood)

Serum Manganese (blood)

Serum Pregnancy Test (blood)

Serum Viscosity (blood)

Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (blood)

Short Tandem Repeat (blood)

Short Tandem Repeat (Bone Marrow)

Sickle (blood)

Sickle Cell Screen (blood)

Sickle Cell Screen for blood donor segments (blood)

Simplate Bleeding Time (blood)

Sinequan (blood)

Sinequan (urine)

Sirolimus (blood)

Sjogren's A (blood)

Sjogren's B (blood)

Smear for Cryptosporidium

Smear for Eosinophils (blood)

Smith Antibody (blood)

Smooth Muscle Antibody (blood)

Sodium (blood)

Sodium (urine)

Sodium, Blood Gas (blood)

Somatomedin-C (blood)

Somatostatin (blood)

Specific Gravity (urine)

Sphingomyelinase Deficiency (blood)

Spinal Fluid AFB Culture (SpinalFl)

Spinal Fluid Culture (SpinalFl)

Spinal Fluid Cytology

Spinal Fluid Fungal Culture (SpinalFl)

Spinal Fluid for CMV Culture

Sputum AFB Culture

Sputum Culture Routine

Sputum Cytology

Sputum Fungal Culture

Sputum TB Culture

Sputum for Silver Stain

Sputum to R/O PCP

Stab Cells (blood)

Stain for Fecal Fat

Sterility Check

Stool AFB Culture

Stool Culture

Stool Fungus Culture

Stool Mycobacterial Culture

Stool OVA and Parasite Exam

Stool for Fungal Culture

Stool for Parasites

Strep Pneumo Antigen Latex Agglutin (SpinalFl)

Strep Pneumo Antigen Latex Agglutin (blood)

Strep Pneumo Antigen Latex Agglutin (urine)

Strep Screen (Group B)

Strep Screen (POC)

Streptococcus Culture (throat)

Stuart Prower Factor Assay (blood)

Sudafed (urine)

Sudan Black Stain

Sudan Black

Sudan IV Stain

Sulfonamides (blood)

Surgical Pathology

Surgical Specimen

Susceptibility Testing

Synovial Crystals

Synovial Fluid Crystal Analysis

Syphilis Serology (blood)

Syphylis Serologu (SpinalFl)

Syphylis Serology (blood)