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T Cell Cytotoxic Crossmatch (blood)

T Cell Flow Cytometric Crossmatch (blood)

T Cell Count (blood)

T Cell Subset (blood)

T3 (blood)

T4 (blood)

T4/T8 Ratio (blood)

TAS (blood)

TAS Activated Clotting Time (blood)

TB Culture Body Fluid

TB Culture Sputum

TB Smear

TBG (blood)

TDT (blood)


TIBC (blood)

TP (blood)

TP, CSF (SpinalFl)

TP, Fluid

TPHA (blood)

TPPA (blood)

TRAP Stain


TRAUMA Hold Request (blood)   

TSD (blood)

TSH (blood)

TSH Sensitive (blood)

TSI (blood)

TT (blood)

Ttran (blood)

TWAR (blood)

Tacrolimus (blood)

Talwin (urine)

Tartarate Resistent Acid Phosphotase

Tay-Sachs disease (blood)

Tay-Sachs disease (Biochemical Analysis) (blood)

Tay-Sachs disease (DNA Analysis) (blood)

Tegretol (blood)

Teichoic Acid Antibody (blood)

Testosterone (blood)

Testosterone Female (blood)

Testosterone, Free and Total (Adult Male) (blood)

Testosterone, Free and Total (Female and Children) (blood)

Testosterone, Male (blood)

Tetrahydrocannabinoids (urine)

Thallium (urine)

Theophylline (blood)

Thiamine (blood)

Thick and Then Smears for Malaria (blood)

Thiocyanate (blood)

Thrombin Time (blood)

Thrombocyte Count (blood)

Thrombophilia Panel (blood)

Thrombosis Panel (blood)

Thyroglobulin Panel (blood)

Thyroglobulin Antibody (blood)

Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin (blood)

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (blood)

Thyroxin (blood)

Thyroxin, Total (blood)

Thyroxine Binding Globulin (blood)

Tigan (urine)

Tissue Examination

Tissue Transglutaminase, IgA (blood)

Titration (blood)

Titration of known Antibody Screen (blood)

Tobramycin (blood)

Tofranil (blood)

Tofranil (urine)

Total Acid Phosphatase (blood)

Total B Cell (blood)

Total Bilirubin (blood)

Total Cholesterol (blood)

Total Iron Binding Capacity (blood)

Total Nitrogen (urine)

Total Protein (SpinalFl)

Total Protein (blood)

Total Protein (urine)

Total Protein

Total Serum Complement (blood)

Total T Cell (blood)

Total T3 (blood)

Total T4 (blood)

Toxo ELISA (blood)

Toxoplasma IgG (blood)

Toxoplasmosis IgM (blood)

Tracheal Cytology

Trachomatic (blood)

Transcobalamin (blood)

Transferrin (blood)

Transfusion Reaction workup (blood)

Transplant Crossmatch (blood)

Trichrome Stain for Parasites

Trichrome Stain

Triglycerides (blood)

Troponin I (blood)

Troponin T (blood)

Trypsin (blood)

Tryptophan (blood)

Tube Dilution MBC

Tylenol (blood)

Type Specific Coombs (blood)

Tyrosine (blood)