Parking at UC San Diego Medical Center

Patients and visitors have several parking options at UC San Diego Medical Center in Hillcrest:

Hillcrest Arbor Parking Lot
  • Pay-by-space machines are available in the Arbor Parking Structure (map). Details below.
  • Pay-on-exit patient parking lot is located at the intersection of First Ave. and Montecito Way.
  • Valet Parking is available at the main entrance of the Medical Center on Arbor Street from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays. Cost is a $5 service fee plus 50 cents per half-hour up to $5 for a daily maximum of $10.
  • An ACE parking lot is located across from the main entrance of the Medical Center on Arbor St. at a rate of $3 an hour.
  • Complimentary disabled parking is available in meters and accessible spaces when you display a valid Disabled Person placard or plates.

View a Google Map of parking lot locations.

Where Are The Pay-By-Space Machines Located?

  • Levels 1-8 in the Arbor Parking Structure (map)
  • If you need to add hours to your ticket after you've parked, additional machines are available near the cafeteria and in the lobby of Medical Offices - South.

How Do The Machines Work?

Hillcrest Parking

Patients and visitors can park in a numbered parking stall, note the stall number posted on a sign or on the ground, and pay at the pay-by-space machine using cash or a credit card. You do NOT need to display the ticket on your dashboard; in fact you will need your ticket on hand if you need to add additional hours.

How Much Does Parking Cost?

  • Lots: $4 for the first two hours and $1 for each additional hour, not to exceed $8 per day. Pay stations accept cash, validation tickets, and credit cards.

Adding Hours
If you need to add additional hours to your ticket, you do not need to return to the parking structure; pay-by-space machines are located near the cafeteria and in the lobby of Medical Offices - South. You will need to use the add time code that is on your receipt.

* 24 hour tickets have return parking privileges in any visitor parking space in the Arbor Parking Structure but, you must display your ticket on your dashboard.

Staff Parking

Staff permit parking is located in the Bachman Parking Structure.

BACHMAN FULL PROCEDURES: When the Bachman Parking Structure fills, a large FULL sign is placed on the wall next to the 2nd floor parking office. The FULL sign lets you know that you may proceed to the 13th and 14th floors of the Arbor Parking Structure. You may not go to Arbor without this sign being posted or you risk getting cited. If you reach the Arbor Parking Structure's top floors and they are also full you need to call the parking office at 619-543-6524. Parking staff will advise you to the next open area. If you go through this procedure of Arbor Parking Structure being full, do not assume that you will always be sent to the same area and proceed on your own or you risk being cited. You must talk to the office for the next available area. Unfortunately, rainy days bring a lot more cars into the structures and we can completely fill. If we do completely fill you will be advised to circle or find alternative parking, such as with ACE or on the street. You may also call in to see if we are full already on your way in to work, if you are someone who arrives during full times consistently.

For complete staff parking information, please see