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Specialty Certification Differential (CDF)


The purpose of the specialty certification differential is to provide tangible (financial) recognition to nurses who are certified by a University- recognized professional organization, Board or Agency.

Eligibility Criteria

A nurse is eligible for certification differential if she/he:

  • Is in a career position (50% or greater FTE)
  • Maintains current certification
  • Is certified by a University-recognized professional organization, Board or Agency.

Classifications For Which The CDF Applies

  • Nurses in the Registered Nurse Unit represented by the California Nurses Association Agreement
  • Non-represented Registered Nurses in the following classifications:
  • Administrative Nurse II
  • Administrative Nurse I- Supervisor
  • Clinical Nurse IV- Supervisor
  • Clinical Nurse III- Supervisor
  • Clinical Nurse II- Supervisor
  • Principal Nurse Anesthetist
  • Nurse Practitioner III- Supervisor
  • Nurse Practitioner II- Supervisor

NOTE: Certification by the California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) as Nurse Practitioners or as Clinical Nurse Specialists is a requirement to use these job titles. These certifications by the BRN do not qualify for the CDF. Non-exempt Practitioners who are certified in a specialty are eligible for the CDF in recognition of the specialty certification.

Dollar Amount Of CDF

Qualifying full-time career nurses will receive $100.00 per month, and qualifying part-time career nurses will receive a prorated amount on the basis of the appointment rate.