May 17, 2001

Pentagon Names UCSD Cancer Center Doctor
As Deputy Surgeon General, Army Reserve

Brigadier General Kenneth D. Herbst, M.D., FACP

A clinical oncologist with UCSD Cancer Center, Kenneth D. Herbst, M.D., FACP, has been named as the new Deputy Surgeon General for the U.S. Army Reserve. This is the highest-ranking position in the Medical Corps Reserve, and the holder reports directly to the Surgeon General of the Army.

As Deputy Surgeon General, Herbst, who is also clinical professor of medicine with UCSD School of Medicine and a Brigadier General in the U.S. Army Reserve, will be responsible for the medical readiness of more than 200,000 reservists throughout the U.S.

“I am deeply gratified to have been named to this position,” said Herbst, who has served for 23 years in the Army Reserve following six years of active duty. “Being in the military has taught me to focus on what’s important, and the importance of team building. These skills are critical whether you are developing medical policy at the national level, or talking privately with a patient about his or her cancer.”

His 4-year term, announced yesterday by the Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army, begins June 2.With this new assignment, Herbst will be promoted to the rank of Major General and will relinquish his current Army Reserve duties as Commander of the 807th Medical Brigade in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and New Mexico, a post he has held for the last 3-1/2 years.

In April, Herbst was elected to a 4-year term as Governor for the Southern California III Region of the American College of Physicians-American Society of Internal Medicine. This is the second largest physician group in the U.S., and is dedicated to the advancement of access to medical care. As Governor, he is centrally involved in the organization’s local, state and federal policy-making efforts.

Herbst will continue his active clinical practice as a medical oncologist with UCSD Cancer Center, as director of UCSD’s Adult Sickle Cell Diseases Comprehensive Treatment Center, and as director of UCSD’s Adult Hemophilia Comprehensive Treatment Center.

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Media Contact: Nancy Stringer

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