UCSD Participates in San Diego's 27th Annual Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade



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July 28,2001

The UCSD LGBT community again sponsored an entry into San Diego's Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade. Our contingent reflected this year's theme "Diversity Creates Community" with it composition of staff, faculty, students, family, and friends representing the Main Campus, Healthcare including the Medical Centers and the School of Medicine and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

parade signUCSD participants in the 27th annual Pride Parade, one of San Diego's most highly attended parades, were wearing specially designed T-Shirts indicating the PRIDE of the UCSD LGBT community and how our group reflected this year's theme, "Diversity Creates Community." Riding in our contingent's convertible this year were Michael L. Marx and Donald K. Marshall, strong allies of the UCSD LGBT community, having supported it through numerous scholarships. As always, the Schaefer ambulance was with us, supplying sirens and lights to set the festive mood (and providing back up support for parade safety!)

Michael L. Marx and Donald K. Marshall and the Schaefer ambulance lend their support to the UCSD entry.


For more information, and upcoming LGBT activities at UCSD contact: Shaun Travers, Director of the UCSD Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Office via email rainbow@ucsd.edu at on campus (858) 822-3493. The LGBTRO has an automated listserver for the UCSD communities to disseminate information to those interested in subscribing for notification regarding information of interest the UCSD LGBT community. The LGBTRO arranges outreach, education and programming events, hosts groups, mentors students and staff and provides speaker panels for a wide variety of students, staff and faculty at UCSD. The LGBTRO Office creates alliances with and partners with others groups and organizations such as both the Women's Center and the Multicultural Center.


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