Archived News Releases - 2000

La Jollans Judith and Jack White Endow UCSD Chair to Support Cardiac Research and Care - Dec 20, 2000

UCSD and Japanese Researchers Identify New Gene Involved in Development and Function of Central Nervous System - December 15, 2000
A. Wynshaw-Boris, migration of neurons

UCSD Researcher Receives Grant to Develop Tuberculosis Vaccine - Dec 14, 2000
R. Kornbluth, Sequella Global Tuberculosis Foundation

Holiday Heart and Other Seasonal Health Tips - Dec 13, 2000

Seasons Greetings! from UCSD Health Sciences Communications - Dec. 13, 2000

UCSD Researchers Determine that DNA-Repair Enzyme Also Plays Critical Role in Innate Immunity - Dec. 7, 2000
E. Raz, DNA-dependent protein kinase (DNA-PK), genome defense

Cell Degradation and Growth are Topics of Two Separate Articles in Science - Nov. 28, 2000
S. Emr, K. Scully, transcription factor (or molecular master switch)

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Can Occur At Any Time - Nov. 27, 2000
J. Jacoby

Regents Approve Efforts to Unite UCSD Pediatrics and Children's Hospital - Nov. 16, 2000

Tentative Approval Given To Efforts To Unite UCSD Pediatrics and Children's Hospital - Nov 15, 2000

A Survival Guide For A Safe Holiday Season - Nov. 9, 2000

UCSD Spine Surgeon Wins National Honor - Nov. 7, 2000
S. Garfin

UCSD Regional Burn Center Releases 1999 Burn Statistics - Nov. 6, 2000

UCSD fMRI Center Will Give San Diego Researchers Ability to Map Brain Activity - Oct. 27, 2000
R. Covell, R. Buxton, L. Squire, M. Sereno

Nerve Stimulator Offers New Hope for Depression; UCSD is Only Southern California Site to Test the Device - October 19, 2000
Vagus Nerve Stimulator, M. Rapaport, epilepsy

UCSD School of Medicine Named Center For Youth Violence Prevention - Oct. 16, 2000
V. Reznik, D. Hoyt

UCSD Neuroscientists Find That Attention to Sound Influences Ability to See Study has Implications for the Role of Attention in Brain Disorders and the Work Environment.- October 16, 2000
J. McDonald, S. Hillyard

Institute of Medicine Elects Three New San Diego Members - Oct 16, 2000
J. Olefsky, L. Squire, W. Vale

Michael Karin & UCSD Cited for High-Impact Research Papers - Oct 1, 2000

UCSD Hosts Free HIV/AIDS Community Forum Oct. 20 - Oct. 9, 2000

The Trick is to Have a SAFE Halloween - Oct. 2, 2000

Lopiccola Charity Marlin Tournament Set for Nov. 2-4 in Cabo San Lucas - Sept 27, 2000

Local Philanthropists Commit $13 Million Towards UCSD Shiley Eye Center Expansion -Sept 27, 2000
Donald P. and Darlene V. Shiley

UCSD One of 20 Sites in U.S. Chosen for New Manic-Depression Treatment Program - Sept 21, 2000
UCSD Psychopharmacology Research Program, Systematic Treatment Enhancement Program for Bipolar Disorder (STEP-BD, M. Rapaport

Improved Clot-Busting Drug For Stroke Available in County Wide Clinical Trial - Sept 14, 2000
P. Lyden, Tenecteplase (TNK), t-PA

UCSD Cancer Center Foundation Elects Board President, Officers - Sept 14, 2000

Musical "Evening With..." to Benefit High-Risk Mothers-to-Be and Infants -Sept 8, 2000

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer - Sept. 7, 2000

Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research Established at University of California - August 29, 2000
SB847 (Vasconcellos), Gray Davis, D. Abrams, J. Atkinson, A. Mattison, I. Grant

UCSD Researchers Discover Genetic Pathway For Sudden Cardiac Death - August 25, 2000
Van Nguyen-Tran, K. Chien,ventricular arrhythmia, UCSD Institute of Molecular Medicine

Big Support for Little Cancer Patients - August 25, 2000

Edward W. Holmes, M.D., selected as New Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences- July 20, 2000

UCSD to Establish a School of Pharmacy - July 20, 2000

UCSD Children's Services and Children's Hospital Discussing Possible Partnership - July 20, 2000

26th Annual San Diego LGBT Pride Parade - July 18, 2000

UCSD Healthcare's 15th Annual All Staff Dinner Dance - July 15, 2000

UCSD Hosts 2nd Annual Safety Fair - July 12, 2000

UCSD Pediatrics Awarded Major Training Grant to Extend Clinical Care Into the Community - June 27, 2000
V. Reznik, The Dyson Initiative – Pediatrics Training in the Community

Two-Drug Combination Therapy Shows Promise Against Melanoma -June 20, 2000
E. McClay, tamoxifen and cisplatin

UCSD Researchers Find Genetic Key To Puzzling Congenital Disease - June 12, 2000
C. Makris, M. Karin, incontinentia pigmenti (IP), skin abnormalities

UCSD Scientists Successfully Grow Insulin-Secreting Cells to Treat Diabetes- June 9, 2000
F. Levine, D. Dufayet, human beta cells, insulin prodcing tissue

UCSD Scientists Awarded Major Environmental Health Grant - June 9, 2000
UCSD Superfund Basic Research Program, R. Tukey, pollutants, toxicants

UCSD Researcher Wins Grant to Study Colon Cancer in African-Americans - June 5, 2000
California Cancer Research Program (CRP), J. Carethers, microsatellite instability (MSI)

UCSD School of Medicine Graduation 2000 - June 4, 2000

Burn Safety and Poison Information for Summer and 4th of July - May 25, 2000

UCSD Researchers Studying Osteoporosis in Men - Men over 65 Needed for National Institutes of Health Research -May 11, 2000

International AIDS Panel Recommends Selected Use of Resistance Testing - May 8, 2000
D. Richman, HIV, drug resistance

UCSD 9th Annual Day with A Doctor - May 5, 2000

John and Rebecca Moores Commit $20 Million Towards Planned UCSD Cancer Center Facility - May 4, 2000

UCSD Cancer Center Scientist Elected To National Academy Of Sciences - May 3, 2000R. Kolodner

New Vaccine Technology Achieves Dramatic Immune Response in Mice - May 2, 2000
E. Raz, H.J. Cho,cancer, infectious disease and allergy, immune response-boosting DNA technology

2nd Annual UCSD Christini Fund Memorial Golf Tournament -May 1, 2000

The UCSD Sam and Rose Stein Institute for Research on Aging (SIRA)
Annual Spring Opening
- April 27,2000

UCSD Cancer Researcher Awarded $16.5 Million Grant to Create National Leukemia Research Consortium -April 25, 2000
T. Kipps, chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL)

Comprehensive Melanoma Care Offered Through New UCSD Cancer Center Unit - April 18, 2000
E. McClay, D. Tarin

Pete Lopiccola Memorial Foundation Makes $120,000 Gift to UCSD Cancer Center- April 14, 2000

UCSD Shiley Ophthamologists Discover Relationship Between Eye Condition and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - April 12, 2000
D. Granet, convergence insufficiency

UCSD Team Demonstrates Potential for Widely Effective Cancer Vaccine - April 4, 2000
M. Zanetti, Telomerase

UCSD Physician Establishes Monthly Seminar Series To Educate Diabetics, Their Families And The Community - March 22, 2000
S. Edelman, Taking Control of Your Diabetes

UCSD-Salk Institute Awards Presented to Christopher Reeve, Dr. Donald Seldin, Genentech, Inc. and Dr. Dennis Slamon - March 21, 2000

In Memoriam, Wigbert C. Wiederholt - March 9, 2000

UCSD Researchers Link Angiogenesis Factor With Myocardial Ischemia and Infarction - February 28, 2000
P. Thistlethwaite, S. Jamieson, P. Wolf, Hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF), oxygen deprivation

UCSD Cancer Center Works to Bring Health Information to Deaf Community New study results show barriers, provide guidelines - February 18, 2000
G. Robbins-Sadler

Scientists Develop Transgenic Mouse That Models Parkinson's, Related Disorders -February 17, 2000
E. Masliah, alpha-synuclein

Brain Activity is Visibly Altered Following Sleep Deprivation - February 10, 2000
J.C. Gillin, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)

UCSD Cancer Center Launches Pain Relief Unit - February 4, 2000
M. Wallace, D. Tarin, alternative medicine

UCSD Burn Center's "Baby Be Safe Program" Will Teach Parents to Prevent Burn Injuries in Small Children - January 25, 2000

Bioterrorism--The Medical and Public Health Response-Western Regional Conference - January 12, 2000

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