Archived News Releases - 2001

New Lab Test Could Speed Development of New Class of AIDS Drugs  - 12/17/01
R. Kornbluth, HIV, DNA, integrase

Promising New Target for Cancer Chemotherapy Identified by UCSD and Swedish Researchers - 12/17/01
J. Esko, Molecular Medicine, Glycobiology, chemotherapy, polyamines

UCSD’s Jeffrey Esko Elected President Of Society for Glycobiology - 12/13/01

Gene Linked to Sudden Cardiac Death Identified by UCSD School of Medicine Researchers - 12/05/01
H. Kuo, C. Cheng, K. Chien, cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac death, IMM, molecular medicine

Plaque-Forming Protein Seen in Alzheimer’s Linked To Clogged Brain Transportation System - 12/03/01
L. Goldstein,S. Gunawardena, Alzheimers disease, brain plaque

Scientists Find Key To ‘Wasting Syndrome’ Seen In Cancer, AIDS - 11/30/01
M. Chojkier, M. Buck, chronic inflammatory diseases, tumor necrosis factor, albumin

DEA Approves UC Center for Medicinal Cannabis Studies - 11/30/01
I. Grant, T. Marcotte, D. Abrams, R. Ellis, J. Corey-Bloom, DEA, CMCR, Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, medicinal cannabis

UCSD Researchers Identify Protein With Dual Role In Regulation of Cellular Processes - 11/29/01
M. Farquhar, B. Zheng, cellular function, normal heart, hormone secretion, kidney function

Low Tar Cigarettes: Evidence Does Not Indicate Benefit to Public Health - 11/27/01
D. Burns, disease risks of smoking, low-tar

Researchers Find That Vitamins May Prevent Repeat Blockage Of The Coronary Artery - 11/26/01
G. Schnyder, cardiology, coronary angioplasty, restenosis, folic acid, B vitamins

Peptide Identified as Natural Antibiotic Providing First Line of Defense Against Bacterial Infection - 11/19/01
R. Gallo, V. Nizet, infectious disease, dermatology, bacteria, infection, peptides, cathelicidins

UCSD Receives HUD Grant To Lead Community Collaborative In City Heights - 11/06/01
V. Reznik, COPC, Community Outreach, HUD, Pediatrics, Moving To Work Program, Ahimsa Project for Safe Families

S.D. Blood & Bone Marrow Transplant Programs Form Part of National Research Network - 11/06/01
E. Ball, BMT, Blood and Marrow Transplant Clinical Research Network, Translational Oncology Program

Selected NSAIDs Decrease Alzheimer’s Plaque-Forming Protein Without Adverse Effects of Anti-Inflammatory Drugs - 11/02/01 
E. Koo, S. Weggen, T. Golde, Alzheimer's, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

UCSD Researchers Suggest Naturally Occurring Molecules May Alleviate Build-Up of Plaque in Parkinson’s Patients - 11/02/01
E. Masliah, Parkinsons Disease, Lewy bodies, neuroscience, pathology

San Diego Center for Patient Safety Established by VA, UCSD Physicians - 11/01/01
M. Weinger, anesthesiology, medical error

Magnet Drop at UCSD School of Medicine fMRI Facility - 10/31/01
R. Buxton,Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging

UCSD Town Hall Meeting on Bioterrorism - 10/30/01
J. Dunford, J. Jacoby, S. Levine, L. Rickman, emergency medicine, DMAT, psychiatry, epidemiology, infectious diseases, September 11, 2001, 9/11

Check out some of the Health Sciences photos from UCSD Open House! - 10/24/01

Researchers Find Cause of Excess Fibrous Tissue Growth And Develop Modified Protein That Blocks It - 10/23/01
M. Chojkier, M. Buck, fibrous tissue, liver fibrosis, cirrhosis

Fire and ice: An altered protein brings fever, chills - 10/23/01
H. Hoffman, autoinflammatory, immune system, Muckle-Wells syndrom, FCAS

Age-Related Macular Degeneration Patients At Greater Risk for Depression - 10/19/01
S. Brown, macular degeneration, depression, ophthalmology

UCSD Huntington’s Disease Clinic Designated National Center of Excellence - 10/17/01
J. Corey-Bloom, HDSA, Huntington's Disease, neuropsychology

UCSD Regional Burn Center Releases 2000 Burn Statistics - 10/16/01
D. Lozano, UCSD Regional Burn Center

UCSD Faculty Elected to Institute of Medicine - 10/16/01
D. Masys, W. Nyhan, bioinformatics, pediatrics, metabolic diseases

Brain Imaging Research Data Will Be Shared in New Research Network - 10/16/01
M. Ellisman, UCSD Center for Research on Biological Structure, HIH, BIRN, biomedical research, MRI, DNA

In Memoriam: Henry O. Wheeler - 10/15/01

NIGMS Awards "Glue Grant" to Study Cell Talk -10/9/01
A. Varki, J. Paulson, J. Marth, carbohydrates, UCSD Glycobiology Research and Training Center

The Trick Is To Have A Safe Halloween - 10/8/01

First Oral Drug Proven Effective In Treating Primary Pulmonary Hypertension - 10/4/01
E. Masliah, neurodegenerative disorders, neuroscience, pathology

Alzheimer's Research Consortium Receives $54 Million - 9/20/01
L. Thal, National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study, neurosciences

UCSD Neuroscientist Mark Tuszynski Honored for Alzheimer’s & Spinal Cord Research - 9/18/01
M. Tuszynski, brain research, UCSD Center for Neural Repair, C. U. Ariens Kappers Award, neuroscience

UCSD Psychiatrist Dilip Jeste Appointed To Levi Memorial Chair in Aging - 9/18/01
D. Jeste, D. Steinberg, geriatric psychiatry, neuroscience, schizophrenia

UCSD Pediatric Ophthalmologist David B. Granet Named Inaugural Anne Ratner Endowed Chair in Pediatric Ophthalmology - 9/18/01
D. Granet, UCSD Ratner Children's Eye Center, Pediatrics, Ratner EyeMobile

National Study Finds Peripheral Arterial Disease Is Under-Diagnosed and Under-Treated - 9/17/01
M. Criqui, heart disease, stroke, PAD, PARTNER study, ankle-brachial index

UCSD Women's Continence Center Awarded $1 Million NIH Grant
Grant Aims to Find Best Treatments for Urinary Incontinence - 9/17/01
M. Albo, C. Nager, Urinary Incontinence Treatment Network

UCSD To Investigate a Genetic Approach To Managing High Blood Pressure - 9/4/01
D. O'Connor, hypertension, pharmacogenomics, Celera Genomics

UCSD Researchers Discover New Role For Immune-Response Enzyme - 8/23/01
M. Karin, pharmacology, autoimmune diseases,lymphomas, rheumatoid arthritis, SLE, lupus, multiple sclerosis

UCSD Neurosurgeon Performs San Diego’s First Gamma Knife Surgeries for Epilepsy - 8/15/01
J. Alksne, seizures

Diet and Exercise Dramatically Delay Type 2 Diabetes - 160 San Diegans Participated in UCSD Portion of Nationwide Clinical Trial - 8/8/01
J. Olefsky, obesity, UCSD Diabetes Prevention Program, DPP

UCSD Cancer Center Achieves Prestigious National Status - 8/01/01
D. Tarin, E. Holmes, R. Dynes, NCI, Comprehensive Cancer Center

UCSD Participates in San Diego's 27th Annual Lesbian and Gay Pride Parade - 7/28/01

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Selects Allen L. Gifford, M.D. For Generalist Physician Scholar Program - 7/27/01
A. Gifford, chronic disease, treatment regimes

Vitamin E and Selenium to be Tested As Prevention Agents for Prostate Cancer - 7/24/01
SELECT, R. Langer, M.D., MPH, UCSD Cancer Center, Women's Health Initiative

San Diego’s Doctors Are Tops in America - 7/19/01
E. Ball, M. Brage, A. Catanzaro, D. Granet, R. Haas, D. Hoyt, D. Jeste, K.L. Jones, D. Richman, J. Schmidt, S. Seagren, C. Shults, K. Valji, S. Wasserman, S. Zisook

Scarring Process Plays Major Role In Kidney Rejection Following Transplant; Researchers Report - 7/11/01
P. Grimm, chronic kidney rejection, pediatrics

Intermittent Appearance of Detectable HIV Levels Occurs Frequently Among Patients Who Achieve Viral Suppression While Receiving Combination Therapy - 7/11/01
D. Havlir, JAMA, virologic failure, drug resistance

UCSD Cancer Center Receives Excellent National Review - 7/5/01
National Cancer Institute, NCI, D. Tarin, E. Holmes, grant

Dr. Daniel Masys Appointed To Institute of Medicine’s Board on Health Sciences Policy - 7/2/01
Biomedical Informatics, IOM, National Academy of Sciences, bioinformatics

Michael J. Fox Foundation Grant Awarded to UCSD Parkinson’s Research - 6/22/01
E. Masliah, neurosciences, pathology, A-synuclein, Lewy bodies, beta-synuclein (b-synuclein)

Children's Hospital, Children's Specialists and UCSD Finalize Affiliation Agreements - 6/21/01

Burn Safety and Poison Information Tips for the Summer and 4th of July - 6/11/01

HIV's Deadly Assault on Immune Cells Chronicled In Step-by-Step Account of Viral Invasion - 6/7/01
post-genomic technology,J. Corbeil, D. Masys,

Introgen Therapeutics and The University of California Collaborate to Study Gene Therapy Approaches to Arthritis - 6/05/01
G. Firestein, D. Boyle,

UCSD And Reproductive Partners Combine To Deliver Advanced Care In Reproductive Technology - 5/22/01
RP-UCSD Regional Fertility Center, S. Katz, G. Garzo, D. Meldrom, R.J. Chang

Pentagon Names UCSD Cancer Center Doctor As Deputy Surgeon General, Army Reserve - 5/17/01
K. Herbst

UCSD School of Medicine To Graduate 112 New Physicians - 5/17/01

UCSD School of Medicine Faculty Elected to Prestigious Associations - 5/15/01
J. West, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, C. R. Boland, Association of American Physicians, G. Silverman, American Society for Clinical Investigation

HealthBeat Special Feature: UCSD Cancer Center - 5/06/01

Gordon Gill, M.D. Named UCSD Interim Dean for Scientific Affairs - 5/202/01

$2 Million Keck Foundation Grant To Support Brain Research - 5/02/01
fMRI, R. Buxton,radiology

Conference to Convene Experts to Address Diversity in Healthcare - 5/01/01
U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, M.D, Melvina McCabe, M.D., President of the AAIP; Elena Rios, M.D., M.S.P.H., President of the NHMA; and Rodney Hood, M.D., President of the NMA

DNA Gene Chips and Novel Software Used To Describe Kidney Development - 4/26/01
S. Nigam, R. Stuart, DNA microarrays, customized programs - called Equalizer and eBlot, gene expression

Two San Diego Hospitals Join to Conduct National Neonatal Research - 4/18/01
Sharp Mary Birch, UCSD, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Neonatal Research Network, NICU, N. Finer, P. Wozniak

UCSD Team Performs First Surgery in Gene Therapy Protocol for Alzheimer’s Disease - 4/9/01
M. Tuszynski, Hoi Sang U, human gene therapy

Third Annual UCSD Christini Fund Golf Tournament - 4/4/01

UCSD Researchers Discover Protein Essential for Formation of Skin's Outer Layer - 04/04/01
M. Karin, keratinocyte differentiation-inducing factor, or kDIF, skin cancer prevention, wound healing

Marilyn Gist Farquhar Wins Rous-Whipple Award - 04/04/01

Osteoporosis Drug Found To Not Cause Cardiovascular Problems - 03/20/01
MORE, raloxifene, E. Barrett-Connor, C. Stuenkel

Young People With Social Anxiety Disorder Are At Risk For Subsequent Depressive Disorders - 03/14/01
M. Stein, social phobia

Costs Of HIV Care Slid 16 Percent After Newer Medicines Appeared On Scene - 03/14/01  
HIV Cost and Services Utilization Study (HCSUS), S. Bozette, J. Eisenberg,RAND

Research Determines that Individuals Who Stop Exercising Lose Long-Term Mood-Enhancing Benefits - 03/13/01
D. Kritz-Silverstein, E. Barrett-Connor, C. Corbeau

UCSD Research shows Common Drug Prevents Spread of Cancer in Mice - 03/08/01
A. Varki, L. Borsig, heparin, UCSD Cancer Center

UCSD Researchers Discover Mechanism of Natural Recovery from Spinal Cord Injury. Findings Have Potential for New Therapies - 03/08/01
M. Tuszynski, motor-function recovery, N. Weidner

Physicians, Researchers & Families Battle Devastating Mitochondrial Disease - 02/26/01
R. Haas, R. Naviaux, metabolic disease

First Medicinal Cannabis Studies Approved by Research Center - 02/22/01
D. Abrams, J. Corey-Bloom, R. Ellis, T. Marcotte

Volunteers Sought for Research Studies in UCSD Clinical Trials - 02/21/01

Mountain Research Has Implications for Heart and Lung Disease - 02/15/01
F. Powell, J. West, hypoxia

Brain Regions Impaired by Alcoholism Identified By fMRI Studies in Young Adult, Female Alcoholics - 02/14/01
S. Tapert, G. Brown, functional magnetic resonance imaging

UCSD Chair In International Health and Cross-Cultural Medicine
Named For Harold J. Simon, M.D., Ph.D. - 02/08/01

UCSD Study Reports Vital Brain Cell Connections Restored with Gene Therapy in Aged Monkeys - Alzheimer’s Patients Sought for Human Clinical Trials - 02/05/01
M. Tuszynski, J. Conner, nerve growth factor (NGF)

UCSD CANCER RESEARCH:  Killing Leukemia Cells By Their Own Sword - 02/01/01
UCSD Cancer Center, J. Wang, P, Vigneri

IN MEMORIAM: John S. O'Brien: 1934-2001
Professor of Neurosciences discovered Tay-Sachs Gene - 02/01/01

UCSD Cardiovascular Center to Honor Richard and Rita Atkinson - 01/31/01

UCSD Heart Healthy Tips of the Day For February's "Heart Month"- 01/29/01

UCSD Researchers Identify Gene Linked to Lupus-Like Disease in Mice - 01/25/01
J. Marth, autoimmune disease, SLE, N-glycans

UCSD Physician Honored by American Heart Association - 01/25/01
C. Stuenkel

Robert M. Kaplan Is New Editor of Annals of Behavioral Medicine - 01/18/01

UCSD Cross-Border Health Care Presents Medical Update on Trauma and Emergency Care in Border Region - 01/17/01

Urologic Cancer Specialist Joins UCSD - 01/09/01
C. Salem, urologic oncology, urinary reconstruction

Investigational Kidney Cancer Therapy Being Evaluated at UCSD - 01/8/01
UCSD Blood and Marrow Transplant Program, A. Bashey

UCSD’s Marc Schuckit Honored for Exemplary Research & Teaching Career - 01/04/01

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