Archived News Releases - 2002

Defects in Molecular Trigger for Muscle Growth & Survival Are Important Genetic Cause of Human Heart Failure - 12/26/02
cardiomyopathy, M. Hoshijimia, K. Chien

UCSD Healthcare Offers New Technology for Hearing Impaired - 12/20/02
SOUNDTEC® Direct System, J. Harris

UCSD Recruits Acclaimed Protein Scientist As Dean for Scientific Affairs-Health Sciences - 12/16/02
J. Dixon

UCSD Medical Center Educates New Parents On The Importance of Car Seats In A County With 96% Misuse Rate - 12/09/02
C. Hearrell, Kids Plate Grant

Full-body CT Scans May Benefit Only Select Group According to Study by UCSD Radiologist - 12/05/02
G. Casola, full-body computed tomography (CT) scan

UCSD's Owen Clinic Celebrates 20 Years with Successful Gala/Fundraiser - 11/27/02

UCSD Medical Center Has Been Providing a Home-Away-From Home For Patient Families - 11/27/02

Higher Death Rate and Non-recovery of Kidney Function Seen in ICU Patients Given Diuretics - 11/26/02
R. Mehta

UCSD-Led Consortium to Study Effects Of Anti-Retroviral HIV Therapy on Nervous System Disease - 11/20/02
CHARTER (CNS HIV Anti-Retroviral Therapy Effects Research), I. Grant

UCSD & County Mental Health to Collaborate on Intervention and Services Research for Older Adults with Psychotic Disorders - 11/18/02
D. Jeste, Center for Community-based Research in Older People with Psychoses, schizophrenia

Self-Management Program Proves Beneficial For Macular Degeneration Patients - 11/11/02
S. Brown

UCSD Breaks Ground on World-Class Cancer Center Facility - 11/08/02

Image of Rat Cerebellum Wins 1st Place For UCSD Medical Research Associate - 11/07/02
T. Deerinck

UCSD Health Sciences Faculty Excellence Awards - 11/06/02
S.Taylor, D. Richman, E. Holmes, M. Wallace, K. Barrett, D.Easter, E.Ziegler

Comparison of Hormone Replacement Therapies Finds Progesterone Causes Less Bleeding than the Most Commonly Used Treatment - 10/31/02
HRT, R. Langer

Brain Images From Patients with Schizophrenia Will be Shared in First Nationwide Imaging Network - 10/29/02
M. Ellisman, General Clinical Research Center

It's colorless, it's odorless, it's everywhere and it's out to get you. It's a virus. - 10/24/02

San Diego's Best Doctors List Includes 78 UCSD Physicians - 10/15/02

15th Lopiccola Marlin Tournament Pushes Total Contributions to Cancer Center to Over $1 Million - 10/21/02

UCSD Cancer Researchers Develop New Anti-Leukemia Strategy - 10/21/02
E. Ball, adoptive immunotherapy or cellular therapy, UCSD Moores Cancer Center

Preliminary Study Shows High-Dose Coenzyme Q10 Slows Functional Decline in Parkinson's Disease Patients - 10/14/02
- C. Shults

Lack of Natural 'Antibiotics' in the Skin May Explain Infections in Dermatitis Patients - 10/09/02
R. Gallo, atopic dermatitis, eczema, inflammatory skin diseases,psoriasis

UCSD Study Shows Smokers' Quitlines Work - 10/02/02

General Contractor Named for Moores UCSD Cancer Center Building - 9/30/02

Palmer Taylor, Ph.D., Named Founding Dean Of New UCSD Pharmacy School - 9/24/02

Southern California's First Public Pharmacy School Opens This Week at UCSD - 9/24/02

Robert Resnik, M.D., Elected Honorary Fellow of British Royal College - 9/23/02

UCSD's Senior Behavioral Health Program Relocates to Specially Designed Floor at Hillcrest Hospital - 9/12/02
D. Jeste,D. Sewell, depression, dementia with agitation or psychosis, delirium, schizophrenia, bipolar disease, or substance abuse

Moores UCSD Cancer Center Study: OTC Sales of Smoking Cessation Aids Up, Effectiveness Down - 9/10/02
J. Pierce, E. Gilpin

UCSD Team Identifies Potential Role of CRP In Development of Atherosclerosis - 9/9/02
M.K. Chang, J. Witztum, "bad cholesterol"

Two "Firsts" Among UCSD School of Medicine Incoming Students - 9/4/02

Molecular Mechanism Underlying Anthrax Infection Described By UCSD School Of Medicine Researchers - 8/29/02
M. Karin, macophages, B. anthracis, Bacillus anthracis

UCSD Professor Explains How Elephants Are Able To Snorkel - 8/27/02
J. West

Researchers Find Vitamins Can Create Sustained Protection Against Repeat Blockage Of Coronary Arteries - 8/27/02
Guido Schnyder,vitamin B-6, coronary angioplasty

2nd Annual Diversity Symposium To Focus on Medical Discovery - 8/26/02

Ancient Fossils Help UCSD Researchers Determine Date That Humans Genetically Diverged From Apes - 8/2602
A. Varki, E. Muchmore, UCSD Glycobiology Research and Training Center

Moores UCSD Cancer Center Researchers Identify Potent Angiogenesis Inhibitor - 8/18/02
parathyroid hormone-related peptide (PTHrP), J. Varner

Tom McAfee, M.D., Named UCSD's First Physician In Chief - 8/8/02

UCSD Study Shows Increased Transmission Of Drug-Resistant HIV Infection - 8/7/02
D. Richman, S. Little

UCSD Researchers Determine Location & Extent Of p53 Mutations in Rheumatoid Arthritis - 7/29/02
G. Firestein, N. Zvaifler

15TH Annual Lopiccola Marlin Tournament To Benefit Moores UCSD Cancer Center - 8/19/02

UCSD Researchers Discover Enzyme Defective in Bleeding Abnormality - 7/24/02
J. Marth, sialytranferase ST3GAl-IV, von Willebrand factor (VWF), abnormal bleeding

UCSD Researchers Identify Eye-Formation Strategy in Mice That Provides Clues to Development of Other Organs - 7/23/02
M.G. Rosenfeld, X. Li, sine ooculis/6 (Six6)

UCSD Researchers Develop Gene Therapy To Successfully Halt Heart Failure in Animals - 7/21/02
phospholamban (PLN), therapeutic gene, molecular delivery system, K. Chien, M. Hoshijima

UCSD Center for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Dedicated - 7/16/02
R. Buxton, R. Dynes, E. Holmes

UCSD Healthcare 17th Annual Staff Dinner Dance - 7/15/02

Fight Against Mitochondrial Disease Continues With 4 Annual UCSD Christini Fund Golf Tournament - 6/20/02

UCSD's Victor Nizet, M.D., Receives Pediatric Infectious Diseases Award - 6/19/2002

Summer Weather Brings More Than Sunburns --Youths And Fire Hazards - 6/13/02
D. Lozano, UCSD Regional Burn Center

UCSD Healthcare and the California Poison Control System offer these summertime tips to help keep the season safe - 6/13/02
R. Clark

UCSD School of Medicine to Graduate 96 New Physicians - 6/03/02

UCSD Specialists Named America's Top Doctors - 5/29/02
S. Wasserman, R. Haas, D. Trauner, E. Ball, S. Garfin, K.L. Jones, A. Catanzaro, A. Ries, L. Rubin, S Seagren, K. Valji, D. Hoyt

Moores UCSD Cancer Center Treats 1st Patient on Phase II Gene-Therapy Trial - 5/22/02
chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), W. Saville, T. Kipps, gene therapy

UCSD Professor, Jeffrey Harris, M.D., Is President-Elect Of American Otological Society - 5/16/02

National MRI Expert Named New Chair Of UCSD Department of Radiology - 5/14/02
William G. Bradley, radiology  

UCSD Offers Clinical Trials for Patients With Mental Health Disorders - 5/10/02

UCSD Faculty Elected to Membership In Prestigious Professional Organizations - 5/10/02
AAP, ASCI, S. Bozette, G. firestein, A. Wynshaw-Boris, K. Kaushansky

In Memoriam: Robert Livingston, M.D.,1918-2002; Pioneered Human Brain Mapping - 4/30/02

Researchers Show Beneficial Role of Bacterial DNA In Fighting Inflammatory Bowel Disease - 4/29/02
IBD, E. Raz, hygiene hypothosis

Cancer Center Study Shows State's Workplace Smoking Laws Are Effective - 04/24/02
E. Gilpin, California Tobacco Surveys

NIH-Funded UCSD Rheumatic Diseases Center To Facilitate Collaboration, Speed Discoveries - 04/23/02
G. Silverman, arthritis, fibromyalgia, systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), scleroderma, gout

New Post-Genomic Technique Provides Real-Time, Multiscale Look At Protein Life Cycles in Living Cells - 04/18/02
M. Ellisman, R. Tsien, multiscale molecular tagging technology

Ginko Biloba Slows Cognitive Decline In Patients With Multiple Sclerosis - 04/18/02
J. Corey-Bloom,C. Kenney, M.Norman

Avon Foundation Awards Moores UCSD Cancer Center $500,000 for Breast Cancer Risk Reduction, Prevention - 04/17/02

UCSD Professor Wins 2002 Heineken Prize For Biochemistry - 04/15/02
R. Tsien

Enzyme Halts Muscle Waste In Mouse Models Of Most-Common Childhood Muscular Dystrophy - 04/15/02
P. Martin, Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD)

Researchers Uncover Brain Patterns That Differentiate Humans From Chimpanzees - 04/08/02
Ajit Varki,UCSD Glycobiology Research and Training Center, gene expression

Study: Helping Couples Cope With Prostate Cancer - 04/08/02
UCSD Rebecca and John Moores Cancer Center, Georgia Robbins Sadler, prostate cancer, outreach

Tests Reveal Subtle Signs of Alzheimer's Before Clinical Symptoms Appear - 04/05/02
Alzheimer's Disease, ADRC, Mark Jacobson, Dean Delis, Mark Bondi, VA, psychology

Sleep Patterns & Fatigue In Breast Cancer Patients The Focus Of Moores UCSD Cancer Center Study - 04/02/02
Sonia Ancoli-Israel, Ph.D., Sleep Disorders Clinic, Joel Dimsdale, M.D., Vicky Jones, M.D.

Dr. Stephen Stahl To Receive International Prize For Education in Psychiatry and Neurology - 03/26/02
Lundbeck International Neuroscience Foundation (LINF) 2002 Prize for Education in Psychiatry and Neurology

$1.6 Million Award Funds Partnership for Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act Assistance - 03/22/02
Psychiatry, Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Act, (SACPA), California Endowment, David Deitch, Ph.D.

UCSD Team Reviews Pituitary Gland Development, From a Common Primordium to Distinct Cell Types- 03/22/02
anterior pituitary gland, M. Geoffrey Rosenfeld, M.D., Kathleen Scully, Ph.D.

Researchers Develop First Oral Drug To Treat Smallpox Infection - 03/11/02
US Army, smallpox, Karl Hostetler M.D., James Beadle, Ph.D., Endocrine and Metabolism Clinic

Molecular Researchers to Link Heart & Brain Puzzle Pieces at UCSD, Salk and Nature Medicine Conference - March 13-16
Kenneth Chien, IMM, Salk, Nature, molecular medicine

UCSD’s John West, M.D., Ph.D. Receives Top Award From American Thoracic Society - 02/28/02

UCSD-TV Awarded $300,000 March Of Dimes Grant To Develop Preconception And Prenatal Health Education Programs - UCSD School of Medicine Faculty to be Featured Health Experts - 02/25/02
T. Moore, K.L. Jones, C. Rock

UCSD Stroke Center Named One of Nation’s Best for Stroke Treatment - 2/20/02
P. Lyden, University Health System Consortium, UHC, stroke

Pete Lopiccola Cancer Research Foundation Makes Gift To UCSD Cancer Center - 02/19/02
D. Tarin, C. Faith, leukemia, For Pete's Sake, marlin tournament

UCSD Researchers Find Raloxifene Is Not Associated With Early Cardiovascular Harm And May Offer Benefit To Women At Increased Cardiovascular Risk - 2/15/02
E. Barrett-Connor, Family and Preventive Medicine, postmenopausal women, MORE study, Raloxifene, osteoporosis

UCSD Pediatrician Named as An Editor to New Medical Journal - 2/12/02
M. Stein, Journal Watch, pediatrics

SIRA Spring Opening - 02/12/02
T. Patterson, R. Sah, schizophrenia, bioengineering

UCSD's Theodore Friedmann Named Chair of NIH Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee - 02/11/02
T. Friedmann, RAC, NIH, Biomedical Ethics

Sleep less, live longer? Increased Death Rate Associated With Sleeping 8 Hours or More - 02/08/02
D. Kripke, sleep, Psychiatry

Prominent UCSD, Salk Researchers to Discuss Politics and Sciences of Embryonic Stem Cell Research - 02/05/02
T. Friedmann, F. Gage, F. Levine, P. Mellon, DNA, stem-cell

State of the Health Sciences - 02/02/02
E. Holmes, School of Medicine, Health Sciences

Gene "Rusty" A. Kallenberg, M.D. Named Division Chief of UCSD Family Medicine - 1/31/02
G. Kallenberg, Family Medicine

Unusual Patient Cases Help UCSD Researchers Link Toxin To Development of “Flesh-Eating” Bacterial Infections - 1/10/02
V. Nizet, streptococcal, necrotizing faxciitis, SLS, toxic shock syndrome

UCSD Announces New Chair of Medicine - 01/10/02
K. Kaushansky, hematology, Blood,

New Skin Patch Treatment for ADD/ADHD To be Tested in UCSD Medical Center Trial - 01/10/02
D. Feifel, Ritalin, ADHD, neuropsychiatry, behavioral medicine

Protein Crucial for Elastic Fiber Development Described by UCSD School of Medicine Researchers - 01/09/02
T. Nakamura, K. Chien, arteries, elastin, molecular medicine

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