Archived News Releases - 2003

National Study Seeks Cause of Baffling, Fatal Disorder Called Multiple System Atrophy - 12/05/03
C. Shults, D. Fontaine

Dr. Gary Firestein Reappointed Chair Of FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee - 12/01/03

American Heart Association Cites Elizabeth Barrett-Connor With 2003 Research Achievement Award - 11/25/03

Holiday Tips to Include Memory Impaired Persons And Those with Behavioral Problems - 11/25/03
D. Sewell, UCSD Senior Behavioral Health Unit

Children's Genetic Factors Determine HIV Progression According to UC San Diego Study - 11/20/03
S. Spector, Journal of Infectious Diseases

California Smokers' Helpline Offers Free Support for Quitting Smoking - 11/17/03

Conference to Highlight Medical Advances Resulting from 50 Years of DNA Knowledge - 11/06/03

Study of Life's Origins by UCSD Researcher Wins Prestigious "Young Scientist" Prize - 10/23/03
L. Wang, pharmacology, Science

UCSD, VA and Cal-(IT)² Wireless Technology To Enhance Mass Casualty Treatment in Disasters - 10/23/03
L. Lenert, WIISARD, Wireless Internet Information System for Medical Response in Disasters, (Cal-(IT)²), UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering, the San Diego Supercomputer Center

NIH Funds Two UCSD Scientists To Venture Deep into Human Genome - 10/21/03
B. Ren, X. Fu, Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE)

Treat Children to a Safe Halloween - Tips from Poison Center - 10/17/03

IN MEMORIAM: Jon Isenberg, M.D. - 10/16/03

UCSD, Salk and Burnham Scientists Among Most Cited Researchers in Past 20 Years - 10/13/03
M. Karin, M.G. Rosenfeld, Science Watch

UCSD's Cardiovascular Center to Offer Reduced Cost Defibrillators to the Public - 10/08/03
U.Green, ventricular fibrillation (VF), Medtronic AEDs

Promising Drug Proves Ineffective As Treatment for Hearing Loss - 10/08/03
Methotrexate, autoimmune inner ear disease (AIED), J. Harris, JAMA

It's the Neighborhood that Matters in ALS, According to Medical Researchers - 10/02/03
D. Cleveland, L. Goldstein, Lou Gehrig's Disease, Science

UCSD Physicians Dominate San Diego Magazine "Best Doctors" Survey - 10/01/03

New Director Named For Moores UCSD Cancer Center - 09/30/03
D. Carson, cancer biology, immunologist

Geriatric Psychiatry Specialist Named Interim Director of UCSD Aging Institute - 09/30/03
D. Jeste, Stein Institute for Research on Aging, SIRA

Non-human Molecule Is Absorbed by Eating Red Meat According to Study by UCSD Researchers - 09/29/03
A. Varki, PNAS

UCSD Researchers Discover Gene Able to Suppress Retrovirus Insertion Mutations - 09/28/03
Nature Genetics, B. Hamilton, mRNA

UCSD Breaks Ground on Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Building - 09/25/03

UCSD-TCAG Collaboration to Focus on Transformation Of Genome-based Knowledge into Health Benefits - 09/25/03
The Center for the Advancement of Genomics (TCAG), P. Taylor, C. Ventor, hypertension, cardiovascular disease

Brain Transportation System Defect Linked to Huntington's by UCSD Team - 09/24/03
L. Goldstein, defective protein, Neuron, huntingtin gene

UCSD Medical Center Granted Breastfeeding Award for 2003

UCSD Healthcare Status Report: Update from UCSD Medical Centers - 10/29/03

Topical Gene Therapy May Accelerate Healing of Diabetic Wounds - 09/17/03
G. Mulder, D. Hoyt, Surgery, UCSD Wound Treatment and Research Center

In Memoriam: J. CHRISTIAN GILLIN - 09/16/03

UCSD School of Medicine Welcomes 122 Future Physicians - 09/10/03
White Coat, E. Holmes

Moores UCSD Cancer Center Offers Free Prostate Health Screening - 09/10/03

UCSD's Stein Institute for Research on Aging Celebrates 20 Years of Exploration Into Aging Diseases - 09/11/03

UCSD Psychiatrist Receives 2003 Ellis Island Medal of Honor - 09/09/03
H. Akisol, psychiatry

UCSD Announces Appointment of Clinical Investigation Institute Director - 09/08/03
G. Firestein

UCSD Researchers ID Peptides That Bind to Alzheimer's Plaques - 09/08/03
Neurobiology of Disease, P. Martin, amyloid plaques

UCSD Researchers Identify Chromosome Location for 2nd Form of Joubert Syndrome - 09/03/03
American Journal of Human Genetics, J. Gleeson

UCSD Researchers Decipher Function Of Blood-Brain Barrier in Bacterial Meningitis - 09/02/03
Journal of Clinical Investigation, K. Doran, V. Nizet, brain microvascular endothelial cells (BMEC), blood-brain barrier

UCSD Team Finds that Ethics Consultations Reduce Futile End-of-Life Treatments - 09/02/03
L. Schneiderman, JAMA

UCSD Healthcare Enters PET Partnership - 08/28/03
Positron Emission Tomography,C. Hoh

UCSD Receives A $12 Million Gift For Biomedical Research From Leichtag Family Foundation - 08/18/03

NIGMS Awards $35 Million to UCSD-Led Consortium to Map Metabolic Pathways in Cells - 08/05/03
E. Dennis, lipids, C. Glass

UCSD is Founding Member Of PharmaSTART Consortium - 08/05/03
J. Olefsky, G. Davis

UCSD Medical Group Introduces the new Chief of Ambulatory Operations, Sheila Antrum - 08/01/03

UCSD Researchers Determine Mechanism For Degradation of G Proteins - 07/22/03
M. Farquhar, T. Fischer, PNAS, ubiquitin system, cellular garbage disposal

UCSD Researchers Demonstrate Enhanced Ability to Divide Visual Attention - 07/16/03
S. Hillyard, Nature, attention-deficit conditions

UCSD Researchers Find Brain Overgrowth During First Year of Life in Autism - 07/15/03
E. Courchesne, head circumference, autism, JAMA

18th Annual Staff Dinner Dance Photos - 07/12/03

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug Applied to Skin Lessens Muscle Soreness After Exercise - 07/11/03
M. Bracker, NSAID, Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine

UCSD Trauma Center Receives Level I Verification From American College of Surgeons' Committee On Trauma - 07/11/03
D. Hoyt

New National Program Gears Up To Help Emergency Departments UCSD and CHIP among 10 Participating Sites - 07/08/03
T. Chan, Urgent Matters, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP)

UCSD's William G. Bradley Receives Highest Honor from Radiological Society - 07/07/03

Cancer Researchers Describe New Class of Angiogenesis Proteins - 07/01/03
J. Varner, Journal of Clinical Investigation

Method Used by COX-2 Enzymes in Development of Colon Cancer Described by UCSD Medical Researchers - 06/30/03
P. Insel, cyclic adenosine monophosphate, L. Eckmann, PNAS

Novel Immune Therapy for Leukemia Tested at Moores UCSD Cancer Center - 06/27/03
T. Kipps, chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), Xcyte Therapies, Inc.,T lymphocytes

Minimal Long-Term Effects Of Marijuana Use Found in Central Nervous System by UCSD Researchers - 06/27/03
I. Grant, Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, CMCR, Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society

In Memoriam: Leland Rickman - 06/26/03

Moores UCSD Cancer Center Launches Human Trial for Prostate Cancer Vaccine - 06/25/03
M. Zanetti, F. Millard

UC San Diego Announces First Sponsorship of Health Sciences Technology Through New Translational Medicine Program - 06/16/03
E. Dennis, Forward Ventures, AnalgesiX, E. Holmes, UCSD CONNECT, UCSD Technology Transfer & Intellectual Property Services Office, F. Cutler

Survival Guide For The Summer Burn Safety And Poison Information Tips For The Summer And 4th Of July - 06/16/03

UCSD Researchers Identify Gene Involved in Bipolar Disorder - 06/15/03
J. Kelsoe, T. Barrett, Molecular Psychiatry

UCSD Researchers Determine Chemical Cause For Most Severe Form of Cystic Fibrosis - 6/11/03
M.M. Reddy, epithelial cells, glutamate

UCSD Researchers Demonstrate Protein Role Required for Normal Brain Development - 06/08/03
A. Wynshaw-Boris, NUDEL

144 New Physicians - UCSD School of Medicine Commencement Ceremony - 06/08/03

UCSD Stroke Center Receives Major Grant To Enhance Brain-Saving Diagnosis & Treatment - 06/05/03
brain-saving stroke treatment, P. Lyden, ultrasound diagnosis, Cal-(IT)², JSOE, brain cooling

Innovative, Multicenter Study of Schizophrenia Will Follow Disease Traits in Hunt for Genetic Causes - 06/02/03
NIMH, G. Braff, psychiatry, physiological markers

Rates of Dementia Increase With Combination Hormone Therapy - 05/27/03
L. Thal

Internationally Renowned Genetic Researcher Ming Tsuang Named to Prestigious Post of "University Professor" at UCSD - 05/21/03

Researchers Show Importance of Chondroitin In Tissue and Organ Development - 05/21/03
sugar-polymers,glycosaminoglycans, chondroitin sulfate, cartilage, J. Esko

UCSD Researchers Determine Cellular Defect For Syndrome Causing Blindness - 05/13/03
clearing phagosomes, Usher syndrome 1B blindness, D. Williams

Vaccination Halts Progression of Atherosclerosis In Animal Studies, UCSD Researchers Report - 05/12/03
pneumonia,atherosclerosis, pneumococcal vaccination, J. Witztum, D. Steinberg

UCSD School of Medicine's Dennis Carson Elected To National Academy of Sciences - 05/05/03

Jerry Coleman to Emcee 10th Annual Gorder Walk - 05/31/03

Researchers in Japan and UCSD Discover Novel Role For Pseudogenes - 04/30/03
molecular biology,A. Wynshaw-Boris

Staph Infection Process Leading to B Cell Suicide Described by UCSD Researchers - 04/28/03
Staphylococcus aureus (staph) infection, immune response, G. Silverman

Bright Light Exposure Increases Male Hormone - 04/16/03
D. Kripke, pituitary hormone, melatonin

Moores UCSD Cancer Center Supports New Avon Walk in L.A. - 04/15/03

National Library of Medicine Selects UCSD Textbook for Searchable Website - 04/15/03
PubMed/MEDLINE, A. Varki, J. Esko, glycobiology

Kids with HIV Show Their Art - 04/14/03
UCSD Mother Child & Adolescent HIV Program

Obese Children and Their Parents Report Impaired Quality of Life - 04/08/03

UCSD Studies May Identify People Who Perform Well With Little Sleep - 04/04/03
S. Drummond, military, fMRI

In Memoriam: Founding Medical School Administrator Allen Lein, Ph.D., 1913-2003 - 04/04/03

UCSD Researchers Present Preliminary Study Results of Heart Failure Associated with Crystal Methamphetamine Use -
O. Ben-Yehuda, N. Banki, N. Siecke,T. Waltman

Nobel Laureate Will Address 144 New Physicians At UCSD School Of Medicine Commencement Ceremony - 5/28/03

Gene Transfer Reduces Levels of Key Alzheimer's Disease Protein - 03/25/03
E. Masliah

Challenges of Preventing Teen Smoking is Topic of Cancer Center's Spring 2003 Kaplan Lecture - 03/18/03
Cheryl Healton, American Legacy Foundation

Body's Own Antibodies May Drive New Strains of HIV - 03/17/03
D. Richman, virology, neutralizing antibodies

Single Dose of Oral Smallpox Drug Shown Effective in Cowpox-Infected Mice When Given 3-5 Days Before or 1-3 Days After Infection - 03/11/3 K. Hostetler, J. Beadle, biodefense

New UCSD Clinic to Focus on Menopause - 03/05/03

Top National Researchers Scheduled For Molecular Medicine Symposium - 03/04/03

Lopiccola Tourney Lands The Big One: $1 Million for Cancer Research - 02/28/03

Advances in Aging Research Featured At UCSD's Stein Institute Open House - 02/28/03

Bigger, Faster, Stronger: Genetic Enhancement and Athletics - 02/18/03
gene therapy, ethics, L. Friedmann

Increased Estrogen Levels Do Not Correlate with Changes in Cognition
In Postmenopausal Women with Alzheimer's
- 02/17/03
L. Thal, Premarin

The Challenges and Opportunities for Providing Mental Health Services for Elderly To Be Discussed by San Diego County Experts in Free Public Program - 3/12/03
D. Jeste

The Physician-Scientist: A Catalyst for Translational Medicine - 02/14/03
K. Chien, K. Kaushansky

UCSD Researchers Identify Gene Pathway Causing Pulmonary Hypertension - 02/05/03
P. Thistlethwaite

Moores UCSD Cancer Center Launches Fatigue Study for African American Cancer Patients - 02/03/03
G. Sadler

Alzheimer Caregiver's Stress May Trigger Risky Blood Clots - 02/01/03
I. Grant

Lymphoma Clinical Trial Tests 'Customized' Vaccine - 1/28/03
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL), P. Holman

UCSD Names New Medical Center CEO - 1/24/03
R. Liekweg

UCSD Doulas Provide Distinctive Service to Region's New Mothers - 1/14/03
UCSD Birth Center, M. Sagady

UCSD Hits For the Cycle With "Multiple Multiple" New Year's Births - 01/07/03

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