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UC San Diego Health System Designated as Center of Excellence for Parkinson’s Disease
February 26, 2015
The Movement Disorder Center at UC San Diego Health System has been designated the 41st Center of Excellence in the National Parkinson Foundation’s (NPF) global network. This designation is the highest recognition offered by NPF to a Parkinson’s spe... (More)

Culture Clash: How Stem Cells Are Grown Affects Their Genetic Stability
February 25, 2015
The therapeutic promise of human stem cells is indisputably huge, but the process of translating their potential into effective, real-world treatments involves deciphering and resolving a host of daunting complexities. Writing in the February 25 on... (More)

Researchers Find Link Between Inflammation, Tissue Regeneration and Wound Repair Response
February 25, 2015
Almost all injuries, even minor skin scratches, trigger an inflammatory response, which provides protection against invading microbes but also turns on regenerative signals needed for healing and injury repair – a process that is generally understoo... (More)

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Olive oil
For decades, we’ve been told to reduce fat consumption as its bad for the heart. Newly proposed federal dietary guidelines underscore that all fats aren’t created equal and are necessary to good healt ...
Corner Clinic
What are some signs of head and neck cancers? Should I go on statins if I have borderline high cholesterol? What are the pros and cons of fetal testing? Our experts answer your health questions in thi ...
Meds and weight gain
Prescription medications are designed to remedy a diagnosed illness or condition but a side effect of many can be unwanted weight gain, adding pounds and problems. Learn more about drugs that can sabo ...
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La Jolla Light
Authored by Scott Lippman, MD, and features Razelle Kurzrock, MD
Features Koji Taniguchi, MD, PhD, and Michael Karin, PhD
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