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Focus on Health Events

Sept. 30 - Breakthroughs in Men’s Health

A free public seminar on men’s sexual health and new treatment strategies for prostate disease. Learn more.
Amy Leu, DO

Meet Dr. Amy Leu

Dr. Leu is a board-certified family medicine doctor with a focus on caring for athletes. She is accepting new primary care patients at our Scripps Ranch location.

Expert Care in Lung Disease

UC San Diego is a national leader in the treatment of respiratory diseases.
Carrot Vision

Super-Sensible Food Tips

You almost never see a rabbit wearing glasses. Find out which foods benefit which of your body's senses.
Watch Video: Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Improves with MRI Technology

MRI-Guided Prostate Biopsy

Aggressive prostate cancer found in patient with elevated PSA and normal ultrasound. New technology means greater accuracy in early diagnoses.
Dr. Gupta

Meet Dr. Gupta

Roopali Gupta, MD, is the newest member of our geriatrics team and is dedicated to caring for older adults. Learn more about Geriatric Medicine.