Recent Highlights from UC San Diego Health System

Asthma care at UC San Diego Health System

Take Control of Your Asthma

Our experts make managing symptoms easier with a customized asthma control plan and in-person training with our respiratory team.
Andrea Procko

Innovative, Personalized Therapy

Andrea was only 30 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Find out how an unprecedented treatment helped her beat it.

Why Get the Shingles Vaccine?

People who have had chickenpox carry the varicella-zoster virus for life. Find out how this dormant virus can reactivate over time.
Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center

Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center Goes Red

UC San Diego Health System helps bring awareness of women's risk of heart disease by lighting our heart center red.
Covered CA

We Are Part of Covered California

Certified Enrollment Counselors are here to help you enroll in a Covered CA plan with access to UC San Diego doctors and services. Call 619-543-7826.
Flu Shot Clinics

It's Flu Season: Protect Yourself

Your UC San Diego Health System physician’s office is a quick and easy place to get a flu vaccine. See our flu shot clinic locations and schedules.