Recent Highlights from UC San Diego Health System

Advanced minimally invasive brain surgery

Milestone Procedure Treats Deep Brain Tumors

Neurosurgeons combine novel technologies to perform highly complex, minimally invasive brain surgery.
Most Wired Advanced

UC San Diego Makes H&HN's 'Most Wired' List

UC San Diego Health System is the only California-based organization to achieve “most wired advanced” hospital status.
UC San Diego

UC San Diego Retains #1 Ranking

US News & World Report placed UC San Diego Health System first in the San Diego metropolitan area and fifth in California.
Gut microbiome

Ever have that gut feeling you’re not alone?

Research probes the trillions of microbes in our gut for health clues. Read the newest Focus On Health newsletter for more

New Medical Office for Women’s Pelvic Medicine

Our Women’s Pelvic Medicine Center has expanded and moved to Executive Drive. Learn more.
Pedal the Cause

Join the Cause Sept. 20-21

Watch our new video to find out why Pedal the Cause is so important to UC San Diego cancer research.