Billing and Insurance Information

It is normal to receive separate bills from UC San Diego Medical Group (for physician billing) and UC San Diego Health System (for facility charges). If you receive more than two bills for the same service, or if you have any questions, please call 855-827-3633 for assistance.

Billing Statement Improvements

In late 2013, we undertook a comprehensive initiative to improve our billing system. During the transition, we enhanced our billing statements, which now include:

  • Clear account summary: The statement provides a simple summary of insurance and patient payments received, adjustments, and balanced owed.
  • Enhanced service descriptions: Services received—such as physician charges or lab or radiology visits—will be clearly listed.
  • New payment options: You can pay by mail, by phone, or online through

The new billing statements will be in effect for services provided on or after October 26, 2013. If you had services before October 26, you will receive the older version of billing statements until any outstanding balance is paid in full.

Pay Online with MyUCSDChart

MyUCSDChart already allows patients to request appointments, refill prescriptions, read test results and communicate with providers. Patients can now view balances and pay online for both hospital and medical group billing. You can also contact customer service representatives through a message form in a secure online environment. Set up your account at, and look for Billing in the left sidebar.

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Background on UC San Diego Billing

In general, patients may receive more than one billing statement for the same visit.

  • Statements from UC San Diego Medical Group are for services provided by physicians.
  • Statements from UC San Diego Health System are for hospital services, including admissions, emergency room services, clinic visits, lab tests, radiology and nuclear medicine.

Patients will continue to receive separate bills from the Medical Group and the Health System even after the transition, but the statements will provide more thorough information so patients have a better understanding of charges and due dates.

We encourage patients to become familiar with your insurance benefits before you arrive for an appointment, and to understand what services require out-of-pocket payment. Most insurance companies require a co-payment and/or a yearly deductible. For questions about coverage, contact your insurance company. The contact information is usually printed on your health insurance card. Learn more about insurance accepted at UC San Diego.

Contact Customer Service

For billing questions, call
855-827-3633, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., weekdays

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